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    Where to buy hinge bushing (insert) for interior doors

    good morning. it looks like the bushing may be for the door stopper and was not originally with the hinge.
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    Stair railing/banister/spindle disassembly?

    high chance of dowels/4 or 3p nails, toe nailed. see if you can see/find nail spots/putty filled dimples. maybe using a drift pin/constant diameter and small diameter to match a 3 or 4p nail, you can drive the nail thru.
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    Support 2x4 in attic? Can I remove?

    if it were mine, i would not remove. don't know how deep/long your space is, if its longer than the pic then maybe move the tie back one rafter and add a tie to the rafter in front of the one you remove. be careful as snow load and any live load will try to push your side walls out/the ridge...
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    Ask Doors Done Right - Answers to Questions About Your Garage Door Or Opener

    thanks for the reply. yes there is a cable and pulley on the front of the springs (3rd j-peg below). one end of the cable attaches to a stud on the bottom of the side of the door, slips over a welded stud (see 1st j-peg below) and the other off the pulley attaches to the mounting angle at the...
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    Ask Doors Done Right - Answers to Questions About Your Garage Door Or Opener

    pictures: b=door in opening, c=roller at left side, d=roller at right side, e&f brackets at back of horz track, g=door in opening, i= door shut, shows right inside of door on parallel to floor. hope this helps. and yes the door is a sectional, thanks.
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    Ask Doors Done Right - Answers to Questions About Your Garage Door Or Opener

    good evening. i have a 9' wide x 7' high roll up garage door that hangs uneven when partially up and when it closes (with an opener) one bottom corner is 1/2" up off the floor. when i measure the pulley wheels on the front of the springs there is 1" diff in them when the door is closed. i...
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    Window Frame Damage from Frost

    getting it to look better is one thing, but maybe look for ways to prevent the situation for upcoming winters. looks to be casement windows so that leaves out storm windows, unless you could have a plexi panel with frame made up to install on the inside of the windows. maybe window film (not...
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    Crown Moulding Gaps up to 3/4"

    can you drop the height of the crown off the ceilling by a coupe/three inches and let there be a void between the top of the crown and the ceiling. the more you can drop the crown the less you will notice the difference. or, fix the ceiling.
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    Re-glueing Loose Countertop Trim - Best Glue, and tips or tricks?

    an alternate and more forgiving method is to; sand the glue to smooth it out and use a PVA glue (carpenters/white glue) which will give you a longer open time and avoid the "one shot" condition vs. using contact cement. to hold it in place use masking tape and continuously along the top edge or...
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    Leaking at chimney

    chimney in a valley? 1st issue is that. depending upon pitch and where on rise of roof it is and if its attic or rooms below, maybe think about moving the chimney. if there is enough dim it can be corbled over. the pic looks like the rise flashing isn't let into and sealed into the chimney...
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    Hinges that seal the door and keep in heat

    good evening. can you provide us with an idea of the cost of these for your garage door and how many panels was it. i am assuming that these were for a 16' wide door panel. thanks,