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    Trim Restoration

    You can get rid of the paint from trim by using a ZAR wood stain and when you got rid of the paint after that, brush the stain all over the trim, then to do dry the brush and after the stain dried out final coat it with a poly or varnish. Best Regards,
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    Bad room decoration?

    Right now I'm engaged with my bad room decoration. Where can I buy the best carpet? Any recommendation? And anybody has any bad room decoration ideas share with me? Any pictures? Best Regards,
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    emerson garbage disposal

    I would say that try to changing the switch and identify what happens. The most of this type motors have a start and run with capacitor and if it has problem or failed. Here is video about How to Repair a Garbage Disposal: Easy DIY Home Projects | eHow.com Best Regards,
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    refinishing tips PLEASE!!!

    Great advice!! I hope you will resolve the problem by using these techniques. Best Regards,
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    Exterior Painting Question

    Very bad condition, clean them before painting. After painting on regularly basis clean them because, cleaning must be important for good looking/long life everything. Best Regards,
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    stair safety

    I have a stair safety gate, and never had any problems. I have found the more Stair Safety tips and hope helpful for you. Best Regards,
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    Installing architectural foam?

    Here is a great idea for YouTube - How To Install Architectural Foam Columns. For purchase best architectural foam visit Foam Supplies | Moulding | Stuco | Architectural Foam, building materials, EPS, Expanded. Best Regards,
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    Waterlogged problem on my bedroom wall?

    You are absolutely right. Any solution would be appreciated? Best Regards,
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    Cleaning marble tile floor

    Thanks for this useful information. Best Regards,
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    Waterlogged problem on my bedroom wall?

    I have Waterlogged problem on my bedroom wall, it was started with a very small dot and at present whole wall effected, I have not found any permanent solution, it can spoil my complete home. Anybody have experience? Best Regards,
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    spray vs roll painting

    I always hired to expert for paint my home and I think all happenings are depend on the actual painters and how many people they have working on your home. So, come to the point, I highly preferred rollers. Best Regards,
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    How to restore laminate hardwood floor?

    I have laminate hardwood floor and its condition is very bad. I have just wondered about that any products have there to restore laminate hardwood floor? Best Regards,
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    Which one is the best?

    I don't like the warmth environment too much. But I am constructing 3 new rooms and I am nerves about choosing between gas and electric heat. Can anyone suggest me which one is the best? Best Regards,
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    TV and a wood bruning fireplace

    I have a plasma TV and it is hanging on its stand on the mantle of my wood-burning fireplace, since three months. I wrap the screen when I utilize the fireplace only to defend from warmth (heat) to moving directly to the screen. Best Regards,
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    Home Insulation

    From my point of view spray foam is the best. Go to Plone — for info on it. I hope it will be useful information for you. Best Regards,