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    Steel or Fiberglass door

    I doubt there are lower priced FG doors. I found all in So Cal to be the same--Masonite, Thermatru, etc. The door, depending on style, is $280 to 350. Labor is about $500 +/-. You can easily compare labor to HD or Lowe's just call them up ask for Millworks and install fee for a single entry...
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    How to darken concrete?

    Was the repair due to the Behr failing or it was due to other mishaps? How did the Behr look?
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    How to darken concrete?

    I'd like to slightly darken some concrete column caps to match some concrete footings at the base of the stone columns. The color difference is this: when the caps are wet, they match the dry footings. Once they dry out, they are much too light. I saw some transparent concrete stain by Behr but...
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    Brush surprise!

    I would have never thought it but I found that a Purdy 2 1/2 inch "thick body" angled brush is awesome for cutting edges on everything! I used it on wall/ceiling joints, base moulding/drywall joints, etc.. I used to use/try thinner body Purdies in 1 1/2 or 2 inch (sash/trim/XL Dale models) and...
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    Fiber Cement Board Siding

    "My opinion is that you can't go wrong with CEMENT SIDING." -Agreed! We just had our house done by siding pros--that's all they do. I read a lot of "opinions" in the older parts of the thread and some it is just plan hooey. Folks should download James Hardie's install PDF and get the truth...
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    Found some yucky stuff

    I demo'd our aged patio cover which was made of poorly finished rough sawn doug fir and was 35 years old. Inside one of the posts was a moist yellowy spongey substance. What is this stuff, some kind of mold or decay? Sorry to gross you out :eek:
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    Contractor for Hire: Beware

    I'm in Calif. and we have the CSLB (state lic board) that provides a website where you can verify personnel, current lic status, insurance and even complaints against the contractor. I always looked up guys prior to hiring and found some that weren't current with insurance or even suspended from...
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    Wet sculpting drywall mud?

    I do a lot of my own drywall work but hired a crew to do a room with some cathedral ceilings. On the head high and lower areas, I saw that they used a knife to shave down or feather the semi set-up drywall mud so it didn't have to be sanded as much later. This was very cool as it cut down on the...
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    Clear finish for wood?

    Hi, thanks guys. I'm not staining just a clear coat. Do I still need that wood conditioner first? Also: Does pine stay set the color it is when finished or will it keep darkening/yellowing? Those aren't bad things necessarily... I ask because I have some older unfinished pine doors in the same...
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    Clear finish for wood?

    I need recs for a clear, satin-finish water base finish for natural pine interior doors. Thanks.
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    Flashing windows?

    Josh, the job is almost done (final paint). But, they re-did it just like your post. They pulled back the Tyvek and Moistopped the window and then put back the Tyvek. Take care.
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    The worst client?

    Hi, she actually apologized for the recent dissing of me. That was very cool. I took the opportunity to cash in some fishing points, lol!
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    The worst client?

    It's gotta be my wife. She insists that the work be finished ASAP but balks every time I want to work when she is off for the day. Also, I can't paint or make too much noise if she is telecommuting that day. I get no appreciation for a job completed but am the first to hear if something looks...
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    The bubbling is caused by contamination: dirty fingers smearing stuff as kids often do. You need to scrape and/or sand the area until you get to an edge where the peeling stops. Prime and repaint. I had this happen in our kitchen after repainting. Originally repainted a few years back with no...
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    Using stucco bullnose trowel?

    Anyone ever use this tool? I used one for the first time on some architectural foam today with smooth stuccco. Kinda frustrating but the job ended up coming out ok. I applied the flat areas first (top and sides of a column cap). I then ran the bullnose tool along the radius of the edges. I kept...