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    Order of operations

    Build the deck 1st because you can stand on it and install the door. Doors and widows are usually 80" from the header. So measuring down should be simple. Oterwise drill a hole from the inside to the outside @ the floor and you will definately know your height issues.
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    Best method to install picture frame deck pattern

    The best way to lay a herring bone is to 1st make sure the frame is square. Take diagonal measurements, of the opposing corners if they are the same the deck will be square. 2nd block your framing for the border and the seam board. 3rd deck it diagonaly both ways, snap lines for ther seam...
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    help with deck roof....?

    2x6's will definately sag on a 15' span. You need 2x12's 16" o.c. I would go 12"o.c. if I was doing it.
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    Structral Question Here is a how to that will give you the formulas you are looking for. There were made by The American Wood Coulnci. www,thedeckbarn.coml
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    Beam and Joist plan

    The beams are usually knotched into the post. The post are 6x6's. The beams are nailed together to form 1 piece. Cut the top of the 6x6's so they are flush to the top of the beam. The joist run perpendicular to the beams, I always frame the joist 12" o.c..
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    How to build an attractive wood deck

    Check this out:
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    I live in Florida.

    Florida with all that sun? Here in Michigan we are replacing cedar floors after only 10-11 years. I think treated wood if you can get kiln dried [because of the shrinkage}. Other wise some of the South American woods would be best.
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    Deck Furniture

    we have aluminum
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    what decking material to use?

    Composite for the floor and cedar for the pergola
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    Structral Question

    you will need or should probably go to an engineering site to see if that is available. Might try a university also steve scholl
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    New deck, Old deck

    All decks should be supported by post underneath the frame. At the house AND at the end. Almost all the codes I know of are requiring it anyways. You can go to my web site Go to the hwo-to section there is a whole thing on it from the american wood council. Other wise...
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    Deck heaving due to ground water or unstable soil

    Concrete pad on gravel will probably work well. Gravel will compact very nicely and the water will drain from it. You will still need a concrete pad for the displacement of the weight of the post. Make sure you contact you building department first before you just ram ahead with my opinion...
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    Staggering Deck Boards

    I would take the deck boards back and get 18' boards. It is a copmmon length for most lumber yards. Maybe not the box stores. steve scholl
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    deck extension - bracing?

    All decks need to be supported by direct bearing. Post under the deck. Any other way requires engineering and that is not a fool proof science or we would't have bridge collapses. Should you build your idea or force it down a contractors throat, under the premise that " they won't get the...
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    How much reinforcement needed?

    The support for a deck is from the post under neath it. Each 5 gallons of water weighs about 65lbs. If I was doing your job you would get 2 more rows of posts and beams underneath the space where the tub is. What makes a deck sag is the weight applied to the footing pad under the post. The...