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    Any idea on to remove a very large mirror from bathroom wall?

    Don’t count on saving it. I would bet it is both glued and mechanicaly attached. Don’t overlook safety trying to save a 39 dollar item. OV removed 5-6 of them and haven’t saved one yet. The last one I covered with duct tape and then tapped it with ball peen hammer until it cracked in small...
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    Drip irrigation design

    Glad yours is working out for you. I’m not overthinking it. I am trying to get input as to types of lines and sizes. No elect at water source.
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    NorCal Drought Plants and Bamboo Options?

    There are non invasive species of bamboo.
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    Drip irrigation design

    Need help with drip irrigation design for 5-6 recently planted trees. Hopefully the photo will post with this. Note: Lower right is closest spikot that runs from well with 1 inch pipe. Approx 50 ft to cement drive where I jetted a 1 inch pvc under. Trees are noted and space between. Thanks for...
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    Jetting under driveway

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    Jetting under driveway

    anyone tried to jet a pvc pipe under a 16 ft driveway? Any problems with the jetting pvc pipe bending due to length. Would be interested in anyone’s experiences. Thanks.
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    Pressure Washer

    So then it would just take longer to cavitate?
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    Pressure Washer

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    Pressure Washer

    I have determined the problem is the well tank running low on pressure and then thee washer runs out of water. So question is how to manage this. Should I Just let off the trigger and let pressure build back up or turn off washer and then restart when pressure is back up? Or maybe something else.
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    Fencing-Property Line

    I have located corner rods and want to put 2-3 points on line. Will use 1/2 in iron rods also. Problem is that the property line is 800 ft long. I tried to string a line between posts but it dropped so much it was useless. When I tried to tighten it, it would break. I know I could get heavier...
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    Ramp for an older dog for a small porch?

    Is building permit needed? Wonder if ANY outdoor ramps have to conform to ADA standards
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    Mold on outside soffit caulking

    Product was DAP Dynaflex 230.
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    Pressure Washer

    I’ll try with not using any other water. We’re on a well so there is a possibility that the pum is cycling and the pressure in the waters line goes down causing this. Did some checking. I bought this’s new 15 yrs ago. New pump will be right at 100 bucks. New p washer just like this at HD is 259...
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    Pressure Washer

    Cavitate is a good description of what it does.
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    Pressure Washer

    Yes always follow this procedure Hook up all hoses Turn on water and squeeze trigger to get stream Start engine Pull trigger for stream and pressure.