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    Furniture drawers need help sliding

    A quick fix is a some talcum powder. May not last as long as other things but it is nearly always available.
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    Zero step entry

    If you have dirt or concrete in contact with wood you are setting up a perfect termite haven.
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    Replacing or Repairing an Older Furnace

    And this is the same state that shuts off your electric when the wind blows:oops:
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    Replacing or Repairing an Older Furnace

    May be the flame sensor. Could just need cleaning. Our dau. had this problem. Furnace would not come on in morning then by the time she got home from work it was fine. Turns out the flame sensor needed cleaning and her nice repair guy even showed her how to do it. In the morning when everyone...
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    Air compressors and attachments

    Yes, just this last summer.
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    Air compressors and attachments

    I would avoid HF compressors. A friend of mine brought one to me that didn't work. It looked fairly new but wouldn't pump above about 10 psi. I totally disassembled it and discovered that the compressor piston/cylinder is very cheaply China made. They do not sell any repair kits or parts at HF...
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    Mysterious Rodent?

    That's why they say the second mouse gets the cheese or peanut butter.
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    Bosch 1199 VSR Hammerdrill - quit

    You described the drill as variable speed (VSR). There is some electronic circuitry in there then that controls the speed. If you are careful and are fairly knowledgeable of electric circuitry you can jumper out or bypass the electronics and see if it runs then (doing this will make it run at...
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    Can a Ni-Cd charger charges Lithium battery

    Do an OnLine search for charging Li vs NiCad batteries and you will find definite difference in the charging method. One big difference is NiCad's like to be run all the way down then recharged. If not they develop "memory effect" which means they will start just delivering just what has been...
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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    Great comments BUD16415, but I agree it's really tough to sell "common sense" these days.
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    Concrete to fix water issue

    Had a similar problem once/ Investigation revealed that the downspout drain ran under the sidewalk and ended. Water is not going to soak away through packed driveway soil. Naturally it soaked right back to wall and into basement. Tiling the water to a drywell in backyard solved the problem. You...
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    Pull Switch on Daisy Chained Fixtures

    A quick fix would be to purchase an adapter that will screw in to bulb socket and the bulb then screws into adapter. The adapter has a pull chain switch that will turn off only that one light. These adapters usually have a couple of outlets for a corded device. The outlets are not switched by...
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    Generator Problem

    I agree with hornetd. Nothing scares a line mechanic more than working storm damage and hearing a generator running in the neighborhood. He never knows when a transformer will be backfed and put 7200 volts on the wire he is holding. Install a transfer switch.
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    2009 Analog TV Signals

    Converters are available (using the $40 coupon from USG) that will convert the digital signals to analog (Channel 3 or 4) or will produce an audio/video signal either of which will work with your existing TV. I have one (Digital Stream) and it works great. Before the coverter I could only get 6...
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    meter reading and separate buildings?

    A lot depends on your state's PUC and how much your Electric Service providerchecks on customers. As to how the netering would be handled, I aggree with the other comment to supply the KWH thru your one meter and call it "utilities provided". However, in some states that might put you on a...