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    Zinsco Electrical Panel question

    I would read this link and if there is any way possible replace that box at once. Zinsco boxes are outdated and have serious issues. To not replace the box is putting yourself and your family in danger.
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    Electric Heat Pump Vs. Natural Gas

    I agree do not go with all electric heat. I have a heat pump and so does my sister mine is duel fuel. hers is all electric I hardly notice the difference other than really low gas bills in the fall. My sister has astronomical electric bills in the coldest part of winter and temperature swings...
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    Electric Heat Pump Vs. Natural Gas

    We just switched from natural gas to a dual fuel system over the summer in Kentucky. Our natural gas usage is 1/3 what it was and our electric barely went up enough to notice. I am sure now that we have really cold weather and the gas is doing it's job more the gas will go up some, but in all I...