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    Is this a site to join and sell your junk now?

    Is there a classifieds section for this board? I bet there's a handful of people on here that don't want to mess with ebay or anything and would like to sell lightly used household items (ceiling fans, tools, etc., etc.) first come first serve. I run a townie music msg board with a classified...
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    Cutting holes in laminate countertop

    ditto. use blue painter's tape around the desired opening to cut down on the rough edges.
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    Bathroom lavatory/toilet ideas?

    I found a "low-flow" toilet at home depot and it was actually cheaper than the regulars. The home depot in my area has a pretty good display with a range of types and prices.
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    Slow Drain Tub

    I third that. I got a sore throat pouring drano in my tub. The clog in my line is somewhere out in the backyard. drano won't get anywhere near that.
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    Hey there, We have an old house that we've been working on for a few months now. There has been all kinds of fun discoveries. Most of the discoveries are the really bad quick fixes that were made years ago so that it could be rented out faster. Luckily my fiance's father has been helping us...