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    Jarah Deck tiles.

    What are these tiles made from are they wood or some manmade substance?
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    Which Deck Has The Least Amount of Maitenance?

    Do different types of wood require more or less maintenance than the basic green pressure treated type found at any hardware store?
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    pool decking?

    Would a metal decking be better around a pool? Or is wood a better option, I?m thinking mainly about lifespan
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    Which Stain Brand should I use?

    I have tried many things one of my decks is a pool deck and the problem is that the chlorine from the pool just eats it away; I don’t know if there is a special pool deck stain, maybe someone here knows
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    Stain Remover...?

    My understanding, although I could be wrong, is that a stain as apposed to a varnish sinks into the wood and so can not be removed as it is in the wood not on the surface
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    stain for Florida ?

    is there a special stain I can use in Florida ? whatever stain I use here the sun and rain are so intense it is very quickly reduced back to no color