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  1. Eddie_T

    Canine Dewormer May be a Cancer Cure

    This is an interesting article. It's important to note that such cures may not work for everyone (as is the use of ivermectin to cure COVID). THE CONSOLIDATED STORY PUBLISHED AS ONE ENTRY FOR EASE OF USE ON MOBIL
  2. Eddie_T

    2000 Mules Premier

    2000 Mules premier can be seen here (caution this is political); 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Souza (Documentary)
  3. Eddie_T

    Scrap Wood

    I read on another forum, 'There's no such thing as scrap wood, just pieces awaiting a project.' Here's an example a doorstop turned from a pecan scrap. I may give it a try. It would make a nice gift. Many years ago I turned some candlesticks from walnut limbs (out of wife's uncle's woodpile).
  4. Eddie_T

    Aluminum Antenna Connection?

    I made this TV antenna from aluminum and a wondering how to connect a balun at the 2" points without experiencing electrolysis or corrosion due to dissimilar metals.
  5. Eddie_T

    'Keyless Fixture"

    I picked up a porcelain fixture at Lowes to replace one of my garage FL fixtures on my way to a friend's for supper. When I told him of my plan to use a LED flood rather than to purchase pricey LED tubes, he said you got a 'keyless' fixture. I asked why they're called keyless.? He said it was...
  6. Eddie_T

    Wild Flowers

    My Trilliums
  7. Eddie_T

    Ajuga As Ground Cover

    I have been trying to grow grass for years and haven't had a lot of success (too shady). I read that Ajuga is invasive so I am letting it invade. It's in bloom now and looks good. I may let the seeds mature before I mow (unless the lawn becomes too shaggy). If not it's spreading pretty fast by...
  8. Eddie_T

    Nanosilver and COVID

    Sometimes the baby is thrown out with the bathwater because of negative commentary. That may be that case w/respect to nanosilver. While both the government and big-pharma are quick to discredit nanosilver as a cure for COVID they fail to point out how it might be effectively used as a...
  9. Eddie_T

    Another Cancer Cure That Isn't Wanted

    Very simply put, cancer cells eat sugar and poop out lactic acid. Dr. Ko found that the 3BP molecule can slip into the cancer cell’s pore that allows the lactic acid to get out. It blocks the lactic acid from leaving, and as the lactic acid builds up inside the cell, it destroys the cell’s...
  10. Eddie_T

    Pfizer/FDA Wanted 75 Years to Release Safety Data

    The Food and Drug Administration won't have 75 years to release thousands of pages of documents it relied on to license its COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, the federal agency will have just over eight months to do so, per a federal judge's ruling. Doncha just love our FDA? If they waited 75 years...
  11. Eddie_T

    Replacing FL with LED

    FL light fixtures were large because FL technology required length. For my garage/shop area I am thinking of replacing the three hanging sheet metal fixtures with simple porcelain base fixtures (with pull chains for two of them). Then I can use dimmable medium base corn cob lights turning on...
  12. Eddie_T

    Miter Saw Hold Down Stick

    There's a "10 Million Dollar Stick" reviewed on youtube for holding small pieces of wood when using a miter saw or similar. One guy spent a lot of time making this beauty out of wood (the ends have rubber bumpers on them). Someone commented that they would keep it in mind the next time they...
  13. Eddie_T

    Burzynski: The "Cancer Cure" Cover-up

    Should the FDA be trusted?
  14. Eddie_T

    COVID-19 Vaccines NOVAVAX and COVAXIN

    Apparently Dr. Fauci is not advancing morally and medically ethical vaccines such as NOVAVAX and COVAXIN because he has a surplus of unethical fetal cell line vaccines. I sent an email to NIH requesting info on the availability of the ethical vaccines. I am not holding my breath for an answer.
  15. Eddie_T

    Electric Kettle (Pitcher)

    Looking for a fast electric kettle. On an outreach medical mission to Russia we noticed that the electric pitcher in the break room heated several cups of water much faster than a microwave. One nurse wanted to purchase one to take home. I explained that it was 230v and unless she wired a 240v...
  16. Eddie_T

    Tricking My PTHP

    My Frigidaire PTHP hs decided to stay in the resistance heat mode after defrosting. When I notice it I pass through the cooling mode briefly or place it in the fan mode for a little while before going back to heat. Last winter it would behave properly above 45°F. My previous unit was an Amana...
  17. Eddie_T

    Router Bit for Jointing

    I need a new bit to use with my Joint-a-Billi-T jointing jig for routers. I ended up welding some copper to the carbide on my current bit (don't ask me how I did that bit I also need to repair my power cord). I was looking at MCLS (free shipping) as I only use the jig about once per year. I may...
  18. Eddie_T

    A Vitamin-C Story

    Before the days of cell phones I was sitting in a clinic while my wife was getting a chelation drip. A doctor who was head of a testing lab associated with the clinic was getting a Vitamin-C drip. He told of a conference he attended in MI and afterwards was driving up the peninsula to spend...
  19. Eddie_T


    I have never seen either one so I am asking are they made in the USA or China?
  20. Eddie_T

    Emergency Generator Rating

    Generator specs can be confusing to the casual observer. For example a 5000W 3600 RPM generator might be advertised to supply 40A at 120V and 20A at 240V. The schematic below shows how this works. The generator winding is rated at 20A . The 120V receptacles are wired in groups of 2 and each...