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    the price of lumber has gone crazy in Canada

    Between high demand, all-time high prices and high interest from thieves, plain old lumber has emerged as the hottest commodity of this year's home, deck and fence construction season. "In the last year, we were buying the same product right here for $10, $11 a sheet. Now, we're paying in the...
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    how do i fix this blocked drain that runs from defrosting unit to pan in bottom of frig.

    I have a Kenmore frig with a upper freezer and lower frig. when it goes on defrost the drain is blocked and therefore the water overflows and runs inside the frig and collects just under the two crisper drawer in the bottom. every few day i have to get a large towel and dry off this...
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    It started as just replacing moldy caulking and turned in to full reno

    A couple of weeks ago i saw some caulking around the bath tub that had turned blackish, so i cut out about 18 inches of the old caulking with my exacto knife and then went and bought a tub of ultra 11 white caulking, when i was finished it looked so good. that i decided to do the whole tub...
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    hello from montreal

    hello from montreal, I am billshack a semi retire plumber and plumbing inspector from montreal. i have worked in the trade since 1968 when i started ti install swimming pools and underground lawn sprinkler systems.