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  1. maxdad118

    No heat! Bad control?

    Hello, my Goodman faf stopped heating. I’m getting 24+ Volts at control and vac switch checked ok. What do you think? It’s about 10 years old.
  2. maxdad118

    Using rafter ties as base for storage in 1950’s house

    I’m getting my garage back, it was once a bedroom. I have removed the wall and some of the sheet rock with plans to add more outlets, insulation and new sheet rock. I’m wanting to swap out the 2x4 rafter ties for maybe 2x6(?) for strength. Not sure if it’s needed but want to add some plywood...
  3. maxdad118

    Compression fitting?

    Can anyone tell me, by this picture, if this is a compression type valve? I’m needing to replace this toilet and want to replace the valve and supply also.
  4. maxdad118

    Adding outlets to an existing in a garage

    Hi, I’m needing to add multiple outlets in my garage for convenience purposes mainly. The garage was once 3/4 a bedroom with a small section up front for my tools and such. What would be the desired, most economical way to do this? I don’t mind patching some sheet rock- it’s no Taj Mahal.
  5. maxdad118

    Phister cartridge for shower valve

    I have a phister single lever shower valve that needs a new cartridge and the model number I got doesn’t come up in a search? Am I looking at the right number? How many different cartridges are available? It was purchased new in 2019 if it makes any difference. Can anybody give any part #’s? Thanks!
  6. maxdad118

    How should I fill the void in a horizontal sliding window after installing a condensing fan?

    Is plywood my best bet? Or is there some other genius idea? It doesn’t have to be permanent as we get snow in the winter and will be removing it.
  7. maxdad118

    Window condenser fan for my cabin

    So central heat and air is not in the budget for my weekend(for now) cabin in CA. I just purchased a window condenser fan from Lowe’s and want some opinions on what I should expect? Should I see pretty dramatic results over ceiling fans and box fans in the windows? It was close to 100 degrees...
  8. maxdad118

    Gas Tankless water heater options

    im torn between brands of tankless water heaters, anyone have a favorite or brand to stay away from? Im thinking Noritz or Rinnai and it seems all the companies have bad customer support.
  9. maxdad118

    Adding a power source outside

    So I’m in the stages of adding a tankless water heater outside and currently there is no power source nearby. Can I tie into an existing outlet inside and feed it that way? It’s a stucco wall, can I, or should I use Romex or single wires? Can it go through plastic conduit or should it go through...
  10. maxdad118

    No power to overhead lights

    So I’m a DIY guy obviously but not a certified electrician, the preschool my wife and I purchased almost 2 years ago has two overhead incandescent light fixtures that suddenly stopped working. My father-in-law replaced the bulbs which didn’t fix the problem. He suggested an electrician. I ended...
  11. maxdad118

    Can this be changed to a different configuration socket?

    So the preschool my wife and I own has a socket for an old heating and air conditioning unit that goes through the wall, probably from the 60s or 70s? I want to remove it because it’s not cooling anymore and put something a little more energy efficient and modern. The ducts in that room don’t...
  12. maxdad118

    Whole house fan

    I’m considering installing a whole house fan due to the simple fact I’ve seen great results from them. I have an old gable vent fan new in the box, I was wondering how that would work as opposed to spending $800-$1000 on one of the prefab kit’s? I’ve watched a few YouTube videos as well and seen...
  13. maxdad118

    Interior slab flooring paint and sealer

    I’m wondering if there is a durable paint to put on concrete instead of doing hardwood in an interior living room? If so, is it DIY friendly and does it come in colors?
  14. maxdad118

    Power outlet for external mounted tankless water heater

    I’m wondering what is the easiest or preferred way to run electrical to the outside wall of one of my bathrooms to power a tankless water heater? There is an outlet in an odd place that is never used but is not gfci protected, at least the outlet itself isn’t? I’m wondering how would I get that...
  15. maxdad118

    Adding a tankless water heater

    So I knew the hot water would be an issue when we added a large jacuzzi bath tub to our added master bedroom. I work for the gas utility and know about gas volumes and preferred dedicated lines for tankless systems. My question is can I leave my 40 gallon tank connected and plumb a tankless in...
  16. maxdad118

    Pocket door lock issue

    I have a fairly new pocket door where the lock mechanism doesn’t quite work. The mechanism seems to operate like it should but the angle of the ‘hook’ doesn’t seem correct? This is as far as it rotates so it can be locked but you can simply push the door open and as if it isn’t? Not sure if it’s...
  17. maxdad118

    Dishwasher water not getting hot

    I’m posting for my sister and I’m not at her place but wondering where I should start. The water is not getting hot anymore. Google is my friend and it’s telling me either the element or thermostat? What are the most common causes? It states between 15-30 ohms for a good element, how do I test...
  18. maxdad118

    Bathroom remodel costs...ballpark minimum

    I’m needing to remodel my main bathroom and will have to pull up sub floor due to water leaking thru shower. Whoever had the home before us decided to use slate everywhere in the bathroom and up the walls about 3’. I want to keep it simple and install a tub/shower combo. Plenty of...
  19. maxdad118

    Shower head pivot

    Since my shower regained pressure and volume, it doesn't pivot down enough for my this my only option or does every shower head vary?? This would go between the head and pipe to allow a 2nd pivot joint.
  20. maxdad118

    Mixer valve shower head combo kit replacement options!

    So my father in law built our master bedroom/bath and installed the lowest rated, low gpm shower valve and head combo. Originally I thought it was my galvanized pipe with years of corrosion. All replaced and back on, yay! I am beat😩. So after researching my shower valve and head, it...