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    Attic fan

    Hey guys, I am going to install a fan in the attic. I live in San Antonio and I have a few questions. Do I need to run the line to the fuse box outside or can I tap into a power source nearby? Do I need to have a switch in the attic to cut power? I went to the city to get a permit and tried...
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    2 hot wires coming into receptacle

    I had a question and I was hoping you guys can help. I am installing a new ceiling fan. There is a receptacle directly below where I want to install the switch for the fan. I was going to pigtail into the receptacle. When I removed the receptacle, there were 2 wires coming in both 12-2. After...
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    Question on floor joist

    I recently moved into a 2 story house that was built in 98. The problem is that it has really bouncy floors. I removed some sheet rock from underneath for some other project before I deel with the bounce. After removing some sheet rock, I got a look at the floor joist. They are the silent floor...
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    Hello from San Antonio

    This looks like a great website. Hope I can learn a thing or two.