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    Bathroom fan with light with only 14/2 wiring

    Hello everybody, I've been renovating one of our bathrooms and recently found a Broan bathroom fan with light at Costco than seemed a great improvement to the current (very) noisy one. For context the new fan is intended to have at least 3 conductors (14/3) wiring, with one of them controlling...
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    Seeding too late in the fall?

    So, I'm having a landscaping company do some work on my backyard and aerate my lawn. I was planning to seed over my current lawn after that. The problem is that it won't be until sometime in October before they do that. I'm concerned that that will be too late in the year for seeding, and maybe...
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    Marks in wood before treating

    Hi everyone, I rebuilt my deck in September of last year. I was thinking of staining and treating it this summer. I had forgotten to sand off the markings in the wood so I started with that but now the place where I sanded has a different color. I thought that maybe waiting a month would make...