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    door question

    say I wanted to build a little room inside of my garage, heat and cool this room, and I would want to put a 36in door on this room, would you recommend an exterior door or do they make insulated internal doors?
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    Paint guns at HF

    are there any air compressor paint guns at Harbor Freight that work with both oil based and latex that anyone here would recommend? Looking to do both interior and exterior painting with it. Would probably also use it for stains and varnish sealing of outdoor wood.
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    Putting in grout

    I dont see a place for title info... so I am posting here in the masonary section.... The house I bought has nice looking tile for the backsplash in the kitchen, but whoever installed it did not grout it. I bought un-sanded grout, and a bottle of sealer to seal the grout once I am finished with...
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    holes in my foundation

    I just bought a house that has a partial slab / partial earth basement. the basement is divided in 3 with a partial wall dividing the earth from the slab, and a full height wall cutting the slab in two kind of making a T with the earth above the top of the T. on the right side of the T at the...