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  1. Daryl in Nanoose

    Workshop electrical issue

    I have a panel in the shop with a 40 amp main, . Now all of a sudden only 2 15 amp circuits are working and all the rest are not. About 2 months ago I went and turned on my thermostat for my drywall heater that heats the shop and the lights went out, turned the thermostat off and the lights...
  2. Daryl in Nanoose

    Shower diverter

    I have 2 walk in showers to do and I want to put the diverter on one end and the shower head on the other. 1/2" pex. Is there any water pressure issues doing it this way? 1 shower is 32x 40 long and the other is 32x60 long
  3. Daryl in Nanoose

    Outside tile work

    I have a 4ft x 20ft smooth concrete sidewalk with a 4ft overhang roof over it with porch and floor paint on it. What is the best way to prep this sidewalk before I install my frost free tiles. I already know how to tile but it's the prep work of the painted concrete I am not sure about. I know...
  4. Daryl in Nanoose

    Manufactured and mobile home info

    Here is a little info on anyone who has a Manufactured or Mobile home that is or wanting to renovate. There is a change here in BC Canada, before you start tearing things apart or covering up walls inside or out find the CSA approved sticker on the outside and also find the CSA sticker on your...
  5. Daryl in Nanoose


    I just signed up and looks like this is going to be a great place to hang out and swap idea's.
  6. Daryl in Nanoose

    Thickness Planer rollers

    What do you guys do and what do you use to clean the infeed and outfeed rollers on your planers?. I seem to have a build up of what seams to be hard small chunks of sawdust. I have the delta 12-1/2"
  7. Daryl in Nanoose

    Christmas gifts

    Well santa was sure good to me this year, got the cabinet saw I've been wanting along with some new screw drivers and bits for the shop but what about all of you, get some new toys :D :D
  8. Daryl in Nanoose

    Merry Christmas

    Gee, it seems like I just did this LOL Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and hope you have a great holiday season and I look foward to another year
  9. Daryl in Nanoose

    3 way dimmer switch

    Hi all, I have a 3 way dimmer swith and would like to get rid of one of them. I plan to put a patch box in the attic. Which wire connects to the other. I have a 14-2 and a 14-3 wire entering the box.
  10. Daryl in Nanoose

    Exterior Custom Brick Painting

    Thought I would get a couple second opinions on this. I have to paint some Exterior Custom Brick, the last I herd was to use Acrylic latex paint or stain but should I prime with a latex exterior primer first or just go with the paint or stain.
  11. Daryl in Nanoose

    In the shop on a cold wet day

    Well It was rather chilly on the weekend I built this and was looking for something to do while I was waiting for parts to arrive for my new shop built Planer stand ( coming soon) and had to get something from a top shelf and went and got a ladder and it dawned on me "WAIT JUST A MINUTE" what a...
  12. Daryl in Nanoose

    Roofing Delima

    Okay here is the problem, I have a 4/12 pitch roof and presently it has butt shingles. Where the garage starts the roof has a very slight turn maybe 3-4 degrees( its like a mini valley towards the front of the house) . The past installer overlapped the joint and we do not like this. I have to...
  13. Daryl in Nanoose

    Back in the Shop

    Well its been about 6 months since I spent any valuable time in the shop but finally made it out there although it took about 3 days to clean it up (YIPES) so I thought I would share what I have been up to. ST- One thing that drives me nuts is Small Parts Storage, what is the best way to...
  14. Daryl in Nanoose

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Well its been a fantastic year around here and have enjoyed reading, Aswering and even posting questions. Keep up the swell job and look foward to another year. Yours truly Daryl in Nanoose
  15. Daryl in Nanoose

    1/4" oak for stairs

    Well here is the situation, I have a set of stairs that can not be removed because of the way it was originaly built( would have to tear apart to much of the house to get the treads out). Right now they have thin carpet glued to the treads and risers so I can not put anything down that would be...
  16. Daryl in Nanoose

    Soffitt cleaning and painting

    How do you painters clean metal soffitts for painting. I have a house to do and I am going to spray paint them on a calm day but can not quite figure out how to clean them without blasting water up inside and still give it a good rince. Also what kind of paint(not brand name) would you reccomend...
  17. Daryl in Nanoose

    amps to watts

    How do you calculate amps to watts?
  18. Daryl in Nanoose

    New guy

    Hello everyone, I just got a invite and thought I would swing by and take a looksee. Looks like a great site and lots to do and look foward to hangin around.