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    Can pressure washing cause hair line cracks on walls?

    I had some pressure washing done to the outside walls of my house and now I see lots of hairline cracks that were absolutely not there before. I don’t know what caused them, though I just know they were not there before the pressure washing. Is it possible the pressure washing did it? Thanks...
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    Advice for backyard staircase - concrete VS. gravel?

    I have a staircase going down a small hill in my backyard that was built using rebar and railroad tie. The whole staircase was burned in a recent fire and now needs to be replaced, and I'm trying to find a way to replace it without costing a fortune. 1. One contractor suggested using concrete...
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    Is this termite poop?

    I am having my whole house cleaned after being exposed to smoke from fires in my area a couple months ago. Part of the cleaning includes cleaning out the attic and sanitizing it. I was in the attic today and brought down some plastic containers with strange things that look like seeds. I googled...
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    Adding insulation to attic above garage

    I store lots of boxes in my attic located above the garage. It does not have insulation, and I am having it cleaned and I am thinking of also adding insulation to cool it off during summer and warm it up during winter. If I add insulation: Could I still store boxes up there? Would I need to...
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    Installing audio/visual equipment into a wall?

    I'm thinking of having a mini cabinet installed in a wall that will have shelves and contain a stereo receiver, a Blu Ray player and maybe an Xbox. I'm thinking that a hole will be opened and then cabling will be run to the hold and a separate backing with shelves will be installed in the hole...
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    Cleaning air ducts after a fire?

    I live in S. California where the wildfires were back in November. My house is OK, though many houses on my street burned to the ground, and my backyard burned. The house had lots of smoke and who knows what in it, though it seems better now. We have not lived in it since November. The insurance...
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    Speaker wire and LED light advice

    I'm going to have my ceiling opened up and I'm going to pay an electrician to add lights. While doing this I also want to run speaker wire and ethernet. 1. How far apart should the speaker wire and electrical be? 2. What gauge speaker wire should I look for when sending it over a long...
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    Running power cables through a wall

    I had a Nest Cam and a Sonos 1 speaker mounted on a wall and I ran the power cables through drywall about 4-feet to a power outlet. We did it by chipping just enough drywall to make space for the cables to lie inside of, and then we covered and painted it, so there is not much breathing room...
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    Hairline cracks on tennis court concrete?

    We recently moved into a house and we have a tennis court, and recently I have noticed several small hairline cracks that I do not think were there previously, please see attached picture. 1. Is there a way to fill these cracks? 2. If they are not filled will these eventually grow wider? 3...
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    Bad air ducts?

    My house has air conditioning ducts underneath my floor in the concrete and I've had my air-conditioning unit checked out and it is perfectly fine, though it does not blow cold air through all of the vents in the ground. The air pressure out of some of the vents could be better, though air is...
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    Is it bad to clean travertine too much?

    We have lots of travertine in our house and we have been using dish washing soap and water to clean it twice a week. Is this bad to do too much? Thanks.
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    My bathroom faucets now only have hot water?

    I moved into a house I bought two months ago and last night in my master bathroom, the faucet for hot water turned on cold water and the cold water faucet turned on hot water. This morning both faucets turn on hot water only. Any ideas of what could possibly be causing this? Thanks.
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    Recommended Pool Robot

    I'm looking for a pool robot that will be plugged into electrical. I want one that does the following: - goes up wall and stairs - has a large capacity bag - has a well made bag so it doesn't easily fall apart and need to be replaced often - has easy access to take out the bag and throw it...
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    Will the wood of this overhead rot if it is not painted?

    Does this overhead need to be painted? Will the wood rot if it is not painted? Thanks.
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    Rattle snakes

    I'm going to buy a house in the hills in Los Angeles and it has about 1 acre of land. There are lots of holes that could be from snakes or from something else. 1. Is there a way to determine if there are snakes in these holes? Do snake holes look different from holes from other animals? 2...
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    Questions about using free termite inspection services

    I just had a termite company come to a home that I am in contract to buy in the Los Angeles area. It was one of those free inspections they give with the hope that you hire them to get rid of termites. They found termite droppings in the attic. I know nothing about termites or the damage they...