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    Attic fan

    Hey guys, I still haven't been able to talk to an inspector. I've gone a few times but they are always busy on something else. I will keep trying. To answer some questions and give some more info. My house was built in 1998. There is plenty of area for fresh air to come into the attic, but...
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    Attic fan

    Hey guys, I am going to install a fan in the attic. I live in San Antonio and I have a few questions. Do I need to run the line to the fuse box outside or can I tap into a power source nearby? Do I need to have a switch in the attic to cut power? I went to the city to get a permit and tried...
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    Anyone have a home security system?

    Like havasue said, if you are going to get one, get a monitored one. Don't waste your time with diy systems. And get one hard wired. I am a disabled Law Enforcement. I am at home all day and I have numerous guns in lock boxes scattered around my home. So I started thinking that an alarm...
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    2 hot wires coming into receptacle

    I did remove the wires from the receptacle first and tested all the wires. I tried attaching a pic of the tester that I used, hopefully I did it correctly. Also, there already is a receptacle on the other side of the room that has a constant on lower plug with the top plug controled by a switch...
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    2 hot wires coming into receptacle

    Hey JoeD, Thanks for the quick reply. I used a simple neon circuit tester. It marks 110V, 220V 227V. I touched one end to the ground wire and the other end to the black. Both Black wires marked 110V. I tried this on another receptacle and only got one hot coming in. Could this simple tester...
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    2 hot wires coming into receptacle

    I had a question and I was hoping you guys can help. I am installing a new ceiling fan. There is a receptacle directly below where I want to install the switch for the fan. I was going to pigtail into the receptacle. When I removed the receptacle, there were 2 wires coming in both 12-2. After...
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    Question on floor joist

    I recently moved into a 2 story house that was built in 98. The problem is that it has really bouncy floors. I removed some sheet rock from underneath for some other project before I deel with the bounce. After removing some sheet rock, I got a look at the floor joist. They are the silent floor...
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    Hello from San Antonio

    This looks like a great website. Hope I can learn a thing or two.