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    Wood over vinyl

    Is it OK to install a hard wood floor over an existing vinyl floor? It sure save a lot of work if I can.
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    Side walk replacement

    The side walk pad has sunk where Istep up to the cement pad for the front stoop. It is a rather new home and I've been told by neighbors that the area has been filled in to make grade when the hous was built. It is only one pad of the 50' side walk and I would like to remove the one pad, fill...
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    Trane XB10 wiring

    While cleaning the coils of the Trane XB10, one of the wires (Brown) came off the terminal block. There a number of tabs it coiuld be slipped over, but I'm not sure which one it came off. There are three possible tabs it could fit on each side on the top of the terminal block. 3 on the left...
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    Turn Off Air Conditioner Power

    I've been told it is a good idea to turn off the electric power to my AC during the winter months. Is this an acceptable idea? It is suppose to save electricity, but I don't want to cause a bigger problem if I shut it off?
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    Dryer vent

    My dryer vent dischare is right beside my AC Unit. I can't move the AC and the dryer is against an outside wall and the only other direction I can run it is into the garage. Is my only alterntive to run a a pipe from the existing vent exiting my house to get the discaharge lint away form the...