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    yes you can we painted ours and they look so much better or kids room they wanted the doors to be the same as thier walls so we painted insides the same color it does look much better
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    Firewood or gas logs

    thank you i never thought about the power going out and freezing to death wood burning is what we are going to stay with
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    Firewood or gas logs

    what do you perfer? I was going to put in those gas logs ones but I think I may miss the smell of a real fire and gas would be expensive also I would imagine especailly since I like to have one on all day
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    Who is everyone with

    Just curious I have ADT and we like it My wife loves the I the door chime so when you open a door she knows about it It is hooked up to our buliding also
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    Bed In a Bag

    Khols I probably spelled it wrong but we went there last weekend and bought a king size one for us and a twin one for our guest room
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    building a shed

    I bulit mine and it took a day my brother helped me it is a good size bulding but we did not put in windows though It was really cheaper for us to buy the materials and bulid it ourselves then to go buy one! At least I got the size I wanted instead of of those tiny buldings that really will...