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  1. bud16415

    Best cementitious product to fill in this hole?

    I wouldn’t. It will have a much coarser mix with larger stones in it and for a small patch won’t work as well. It will also have no strength where feathered down to a thin edge and will quickly chip away. Well worth the 15 bucks for a small bag of the correct stuff and you will have some...
  2. bud16415

    Best cementitious product to fill in this hole?

    I like a product called Rapid Set CementAll. Check out the videos and see if it is something you think would work. Rapid Set 25 lbs. Cement All Multi-Purpose Construction Material 02020025
  3. bud16415

    Liberal World Order

    Go on over to Truth Social they have been talking about this CNN clip for a couple days now.
  4. bud16415

    New member

    :welcome: to the forum. I just received a $10 part from amazon that was the wrong thing to return it they want me to pay 8 bucks or drive 38 miles for free UPS return. Their system is automated and keep telling me sorry and sends me back to the return page. I'm ready to change my name to Fed...
  5. bud16415

    Concrete Garage Floor

    Heck mine looks worse and has been like that for 20 years. Never to late. :rolleyes:
  6. bud16415

    Who makes Railings with these baluster ends?

    Sorry I can't help there but will bump the thread and see if we have someone that knows. :coffee:
  7. bud16415

    We are saddened by the loss of one of our own...

    I know how you feel zannej. It became a habit for me to wake up later than I did before I retired fix my coffee and see what was new on the forum. I think Tom did much the same and at some point I would get a zinger asking me how much snow we had over night even if it was July, or some such...
  8. bud16415

    Tesla Achilles Heel

    You make a good point. I do the same thing it is the easiest way on a small forum like this where we like to read all new home repair related posts to see what is new. The Chit Chat forum was started so the guys that wanted to just BS about the weather or the latest fishing trip they went...
  9. bud16415

    Learning from mistakes

    I’m not an expert, and over the year I have learned the hard way not to do a large project without testing the process on one small area first to avoid strange interactions that can happen. I once tore all the tin off a good size garden tractor cleaned and sanded all the panels then primed...
  10. bud16415

    Tesla Achilles Heel

    When the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail.
  11. bud16415

    Tesla Achilles Heel

    I don't think Dr Fauci has much to do with EV's and in particular Tesla EV's. Every problem in the world is not a Dr Fauci caused problem. Start a Dr Fauci thread in the misc. forum and knock yourself out. Once you start it if people insist on talking about EV batteries in it I will come and...
  12. bud16415

    Tesla Achilles Heel

    We can talk about EVs or I can close the thread what be it?
  13. bud16415

    Need a recommended spackle for ultra smooth surface

    I did my wall in my media room to be painted for a front projection screen surface and it had to be ultra smooth and all I used was regular drywall compound in a can. Welcome to the forum.
  14. bud16415

    Tesla Achilles Heel

    Cleaned up the thread now lets keep it civil and talk about EVs. If that is impossible then we will think of something else.
  15. bud16415

    How much should a driveway cost

    It is hard to tell if your pricing is correct, as there are so many factors involved. It sounds like you are asking for a turnkey job where you write a check at the end and someone comes in and removes, prepares and constructs you a new driveway. Location, soil conditions and on and on will...
  16. bud16415

    Why do contractors always try to rip me off

    I think you hit on the reason why so many of us take the DIY route whenever possible. Over the years I found guys that were honest and do a good job and are fairly priced and in between my work for them I have steered a lot of others their way. Years back I found a great house painter and he did...
  17. bud16415

    Pool Cool Deck is in need of repair

    I’m not an expert on this subject, but as far as I know Cool Deck is a coating put on concrete. It looks like yours broke there because that’s the location of the skimmer and the material in that area was not solidly supported. Repairing may be equally as weak. At some point that section...
  18. bud16415

    How to buy a “Fixer Up” House to be a Home.

    I haven’t posted to this thread in a while and have been having a good time in my retirement getting my vegetable garden in this year. My rhubarb is producing amazing quantities this year and the pies and crisps have been delicious with a lot going in the freezer for winter. I got both decks...
  19. bud16415

    Porch Column Replacement

    In that case I would think the roof truss system is designed to allow that amount of overhang cantilevered out and likely the columns are just cosmetic and not required to carry load. If it were mine I would remove them one at a time and maybe build new ones with a 4x4 center and trimmed out...
  20. bud16415

    Porch Column Replacement

    Thanks for the photos. My guess is there is a 4x4 inside there and the boards you see rotted out may just be a covering. The 4x4 could have been a PT lumber and may well still be good and in that case I would just replace the full outer covering boards. I could be wrong but I would start by...