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    Rebuilding the deck after F-3.

    I'm finally getting to the deck/gazebo, the last major project following the tornado almost 4 years ago now. I've had the decking on site for almost 4 years, so it's dry. At least it's dry until I install it. We've been having just about non-stop rain days the last few weeks. Farmers can't even...
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    Memorial Day 2019

    Remembering all those that made the ultimate sacrifice, so we now have the freedom to do what we do.
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    Christmas edge lighted sign

    The clear acrylic and translucent blue/red acrylic were cut with the laser. The "O"s were digitally printed, Ivy along the bottom was printed on clear vinyl. The base was done on the CNC. Bottom layer is oak with Mission Oak stain. The top layer is red cedar with no stain. An unlikely species...
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    Lawn Problem

    We have a problem with what I'm guessing is blight or some other sort of lawn disease? In the Spring or anytime we are getting adequate moisture the problem almost, but not completely, goes away. But when we get a dry spell this patch shows up. It's also the first to turn brown in the fall, like...
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    Table Saw Dust Collector

    I've been procrastinating about doing this for years. I finally got tired enough of cleaning the shop only to have saw dust on the floor immediately after sweeping. Actually got this idea from my neighbor a few years ago. I'm close to done, ran out of time tonight. I think I'll use it for...
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    Ornament Organizer

    I picked up a plastic tub a few days ago to store ornaments. These are collected on our anniversary trips we take each October. We wanted to keep them separate from the other decorations, so this is what I came up with. I made egg crate style dividers on the CNC , from 1/8" expanded PVC. 24...
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    The Little Brow n Church in the Vale

    This weekend we made a wellness run out to Iowa to check on my wife's folks. On the way home (NEW YEAR'S EVE) we stopped at Nashua, IA and went to the Little Brown Church. We were the visitors, so we were asked to ring the bell. Then they invited us to stay for snacks after the service. They...
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    Tornado Recovery

    I've been absent from the site for a good while and a lot has happened since. Most notable as I've mentioned in another thread was an EF3 tornado that hit 1 1/2 years ago. Nearly all of our neighbors had significant damage, many lost their homes completely. Some are pretty much back to normal...
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    Latest Project

    A year and a half ago, we were hit by a tornado, followed by heavy rain. With no power, our basement flooded. This fall, when I went to fire up the boiler it wouldn't. Looking closer, the flood water had finally taken it's toll on the 18 year old boiler. The bottom had rusted out. Backing up...
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    Does anyone have a sure fired way to get rid of moles? I've tried just about everything I can think of and they are still here. I think they are just playing with me. I just finished landscaping and they were digging it up before I was even finished on the side yard. On the front yard, I put...