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  1. latelifebiker

    Lawn drainage pipes/Duct tape?

    I walked by a neighbor's house today where a 4-inch drainage system is being laid in to handle the flooding in her back yard, At the street where the pop-up drain (UGH! hate 'em) is being installed, the crew is using DUCT TAPE to join the black corrugated pipe to the white PVC up elbow. I don't...
  2. latelifebiker

    Any idea on to remove a very large mirror from bathroom wall?

    Play it safe, Daniel. Before you make any attempt to remove a mirror by ANY means, first run a crosshatch pattern of duct tape firmly attached to the surface of the glass. These things break easily, and they cleave into dagger-like shards that can sever an artery in the blink of an eye...
  3. latelifebiker

    Water Filter to ice maker

    As indicated, I had to change only ONE filter. And I had to shop for, buy, and store only ONE filter. In addition, most refrigerator water filters are glorified cardboard. With my two-stage and then three-stage systems I got a much finer level of filtration... cysts, etc. I likes them ice...
  4. latelifebiker

    Water Filter to ice maker

    If I understand correctly what you are suggesting, Ninja, I've done it for years... in three different houses. I started with my original installation because it was the first house in which I had easy, underfloor access to my kitchen plumbing by way of a full standup basement. I bolted my (then...
  5. latelifebiker

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    I respect the fact that you asked for photos and not videos, but there's much more to this bathroom project than just the decor. If you have the time, you might enjoy the full range of design objectives, personal inspiration, and just plain proud effort that went into it...
  6. latelifebiker

    Hobbies other than home repair.

    I haven't given up on DIY renovations and repair, but just six months before I retired my wife and I discovered motorcycles. And after I retired (at 67) I had plenty of time to pursue it. Throw in my love of camping and I was alive again. Some of you--notably the senior crew--might find the...
  7. latelifebiker

    Adding switch?

    That right there is some good information to know and remember.
  8. latelifebiker

    Should I replace 1979 Carrier.

    To your original, basic question: I agree with those who say "if it's not... don't." But you're smart to be investigating. IMO there is no doubt that a new unit will save you substantial money on utilities. But rather than spending big bucks right now, why not start putting away some money...
  9. latelifebiker

    My Mini Split Experience

    Great story remout. I appreciated the detail. When we tore off our old decrepit deck we bit the bullet and replaced it with a pricey but marvelous 12 x 20 gable roofed porch enclosed with sliding thermal windows. We got ourselves a comfortable and versatile 3-season room we could use in all...
  10. latelifebiker

    What type of stain should we use on deck?

    I know you're asking about a stain for the FLOOR of your deck, but I want to share my great satisfaction with a product I decided to use just on the railings and posts around my two decks. I found this Sikkens satin finish stuff by chance at Hodee-Ho and decided to go with a dark, flat coffee...
  11. latelifebiker

    Installing separate toe kick pedestals under tall kitchen cabinets

    Among the replacement kitchen cabinets we ordered from Thomasville are two tall (92") storage units. They're 12" deep and 36" wide, to be used as shallow pantries. The cabinets ship with separate pedestal platforms to fit under them and create the toe kick at the bottom. My guess is that if...
  12. latelifebiker

    HVAC duct and Outlet box in same wall cavity???

    Thanks for the link, bud. I'm sure there's something in that video you wanted me to see, but I watched the whole thing and just got confused. Maybe I should clarify that the stud bay/wall cavity I'm concerned about is not a plenum. It's a plain, old void between two non-bearing, partition...
  13. latelifebiker

    HVAC duct and Outlet box in same wall cavity???

    As unhappy as I am with your answer, I appreciate your prompt reply. I won't be capping the electric wiring; as stated, I'm "moving" the outlet. Thanks for the guidance. -llb
  14. latelifebiker

    HVAC duct and Outlet box in same wall cavity???

    For a kitchen renovation I have to relocate both an existing HVAC wall vent and an existing 110v duplex outlet. The cabinet that I plan to install on that wall will cover both existing items. It's not a long wall and there's ALREADY a duplex outlet in the middle of it but facing into the...
  15. latelifebiker

    There are 3-conductor cables in my breaker box (???)

    Many thanks, Joe. I will give this situation some thorough study and be sure the connections are correct. I might have been too hasty in passing judgement on the original hookup. I can't believe I didn't recognize that the breakers alternate down the two sides, because it makes basic sense...
  16. latelifebiker

    There are 3-conductor cables in my breaker box (???)

    Bud, you are my Hero of the Month--maybe of the YEAR. You've helped me find and correct a serious electrical situation. The PDF document you recommended gave a clear and lucid explanation of exactly the question I was asking. Right after they switched over from sails to steam, I was an...
  17. latelifebiker

    There are 3-conductor cables in my breaker box (???)

    UPDATE: If you find yourself gleaning information from this thread, then BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE LIST OF POSTINGS. The information here evolves as members add to the detail of the situation. I am quite grateful to all who participated. -llb I've looked at a lot of circuit breaker panels...
  18. latelifebiker

    7/16" subfloor in my house?!?!?

    But, Neal, would an inspector allow the builder to get away with 3/4" particle board over the 7/16" plywood in the 80% of the house that would get carpeting? This is the third house I've owned in this county (Cobb County, GA) that was built in the late 70s or early 80s, and I'm convinced that...
  19. latelifebiker

    7/16" subfloor in my house?!?!?

    Why would the builder of my recently purchased, early '80s house put down 7/16" plywood over the floor joists, then build the partition walls on top of it, and THEN put down 3/4" plywood as underlayment BETWEEN the partition walls? I would have most assuredly put the 3/4 down as the subfloor. In...
  20. latelifebiker

    Using SECURE SET foam on posts

    After some research I decided to bed my 6 X 6 deck posts in a product from GRA Services called Secure Set. It's a high-density expanding foam, and they use it out west to install utility and power poles. Now bear in mind I'm building a very LOW deck--just 13 inches off the ground-- and I'm...