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  1. curtis73

    To lath or not to lath... that is my question

    To catch you up to speed... Just installed a fireplace in my living room. The framing is all 2x3 with varying spacing based on logical spans, but no more than 13" spacing. It is all skinned with hardie backer. I bought stone veneer from a quarry that cuts real stone, so truly random. Nothing...
  2. curtis73

    wiring an outlet with a twist

    Long story short, in my fireplace construction project, I will be hanging the TV over the mantel. I have run wires through the wall, and I'm making a fake stone out of a 1U keystone panel. In effect, I'll have a stone with speaker, LAN, and HDMI keystones in it. I'm also going to cut to mount...
  3. curtis73

    Flooring Poly choices

    I'm starting the installation of my Maple floors today. Way back in the day, I used to give floor refinishing classes when I worked at Home Depot. At the time, we pushed the products we sold; specifically Parks Pro polyurethanes. I never really found them to be particularly easy to get a good...
  4. curtis73

    Hi. I put screws in wood.

    I've posted several times but not sure if I did an intro. Name's Curtis. I live in Harrisburg PA by way of everywhere else; Evansville, IN, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Austin, Heidelberg Germany, Kingston ON... and others I'm probably forgetting. My building experience is somewhat...
  5. curtis73

    Adding fire-resistance for steel wood burning fireplace

    First, this is the fireplace I'm installing. It's a steel wood burning fireplace. It calls for a 3/4" clearance from the back and sides to any combustibles. For simplicity (and because I like overkill when it comes to preventing fiery death) I will be leaving 1" or maybe 1.25" My concern is...
  6. curtis73

    Leveling subfloor for hardwood

    This winter I cut down two massive Norway Maples. The trunks went off to the mill and I had them cut, kiln dried, and milled T&G for flooring. I pulled the carpet up in my house today knowing I would have to do some leveling, but I didn't expect this much. It has a significant peak in the...