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    Supply Air Plenum and Humidifier Installation

    I had purchased a whole house humidifier to install on my furnace. When I went to measure everything and figure out what the best installation technique would ultimately be in my attic, I discovered that the supply plenum above my furnace and AC coil was not a rigid rectangular duct as I have...
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    Engineered Wide Flooring Expansion in Winter

    I've started installing engineered maple that is 5" wide. I am using the nail down with glue assist method recommended for wide flooring pieces. My question is since I am installing my flooring in the winter time and it is mostly contracted, do I need to install it with an intended gap between...
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    Mold Under Kitchen Sink

    The cabinet floor beneath my kitchen sink has had old water damage from previous owner for a number of years. I finally had an opportunity to go in and try to replace the area. After I got the floor completely up, I ran into what I am pretty sure is mold as the subfloor and some of the wall...
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    Interior Windows in Bad Condition

    I started on a painting project this week and everything was going well with it until I realized I needed to paint the windows. To make a long story short, the window sill had a lot of peeling paint and a few dark spots on the wood (sorta like mold or mildew. I peeled up a good bit of the...
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    Hole Drilling in top plate from attic

    I am planning to fish some cat5e ethernet cables through the same wall cavity where coaxial cables are distributed throughout my home. The coaxials start on the first floor and run up to the attic. I found the hole where the coaxials exit but it is not large enough to accept more wires so I...
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    Wrong Gas Shut-Off Valve?

    I ordered a new gas range for the wife and home. Installation and delivery guy shows up and pulls out the old range and tells me after spending some time in the spot with his tools that he could not install the new range. He tells me that the previous installer rigged things up and the shut...
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    Bathroom Exhaust Line Tear

    I also posted this in the Plumbing section because I wasn't sure of where this goes exactly. This was discovered while working on studs and subfloor so maybe it goes here. To sum up, we are replacing subfloor upstairs and applying BIN primer in an attempt to get rid of the smell of cat urine...
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    Advice About Deck Step Landing

    A little background first. The stringers on my deck steps started to dry rot so I thought I'd take the opportunity to replace them. In my mind, I was thinking that it would be a little simple replacement along with also replacing each tread since I figured they wouldn't have much life left in...
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    Oil and Transmission Fluid Stains on Inclined Driveway

    Hey guys. I got a problem here. My in-laws seem to leave car fluid stains on our driveway each time they have visited. We suspect the stains are oil and transmission fluid and we are thinking about barring them from our home but that's another story. Anyway, the stains were annoying before...
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    Crack in Door Frame...Is This Serious?

    Recently, I got a call from my wife who indicated that she was having trouble closing the door leading from the house to the garage. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that some of the hardware on the interior of the door frame was missing a screw and she also sent me the following picture...
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    Can Bricks Be Sanitized?

    Hi, I unfortunately purchased a home about a year ago where the previous owner had let animals (cat, dog, rodents) take over. There's a lot to get done but only very little money at the moment and I'm aware that it will take time to get everything in order. The latest issue that has been...
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    Recommend an economical power washer

    I am looking for an economical pressure washer that can be used to at least scrub my deck. If anyone has a recommendation or alternate to a traditional pressure washer, please advise. Thanks.
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    Cat Urine Damage to 3 Stud Corners

    Hi, I purchased a home about 10 months ago. The home is in really good condition but has had one major problem. The previous owner had a major issue with cat urination which is widely known to cause smells don't typically don't leave without removal of the soiled area. There are a couple of...
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    Bottom portion of studs is soiled with cat urine

    Here's the situation. The previous owner of my home had a cat that used various rooms in my upstairs as a litter box. There are various walls soiled with cat urine. The corners are particularly bad, so bad that as I attempted to cut the drywall out the wall just crumbled away. I thought that...
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    New to Forum...Can my deck be salvaged?

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum. I moved into a very nice home originally purchased in 2008 and neglected a nice bit by the previous owner. To sum it up, nothing at the home was really properly maintained. The original owner had a dog and CAT....that might give you an idea of some...