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    Troubleshooting Whirlpool Dishwasher

    To attack this I'd want to start by looking at a wiring schematic of the dishwasher, and do a point to point check of your line (power) until it stops. Many things can fail in an appliance like your board or capacitors, but I'd do that simple check first. And if there is supposed to be a fuse...
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    Surface light on dropped ceiling - what is required?

    Nice job, looks great!
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    Surface light on dropped ceiling - what is required?

    Directly below a duct is fine.
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    Surface light on dropped ceiling - what is required?

    Your plan sounds good. If you can do pull ups on that cross section it will definitely hold a surface mount fixture, assuming the fixture weighs less than you do lol. Don't need access to that tile, just the tiles around it.
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    How to rewire this phone jack

    Christmas trees and bumblebees, that's an old saying I heard early on that's helped me remember the color coding (Rd/Grn and Blk/Yel).
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    How do I put wire in this 250V, 50A outlet?

    Yes I forgot about the ones grandfathered in.
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    How do I put wire in this 250V, 50A outlet?

    Must be the locality I'm in, bc inspectors won't pass any range or dryer that's hard wired.
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    How do I put wire in this 250V, 50A outlet?

    It's illegal to hard wire an electric oven or dryer nowadays, they need a means of disconnect for servicing, most practical is a cord and plug.
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    How do I put wire in this 250V, 50A outlet?

    It should be grounded absolutely. What I find strange is that you can still buy ranges that give you the wiring diagram for a 3 wire and 4 wire setup. I don't know where it's legal anymore to wire it without ground.
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    Outside porch light

    The wire in the box is old, sure, but it looks fine. What is the problem?
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    Multiple Circuits Through Conduit?

    To do this you'd need to cut your opening a bit higher to get your short pipe with fitting in, and then patch
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    Multiple Circuits Through Conduit?

    That's a tough one. I have a flush mount main too and want to run conduit in the future. I suppose you could come out of the top of the panel with a straight pipe, use a pulling 90 fitting, and mount a surface mount junction box above the panel. From there you could start your conduit run and...
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    Multiple Circuits Through Conduit?

    If using conduit you must use individual conductors (THHN or THWN). I think it's illegal to pull Romex through conduit, and if you could it won't pull easy at all. Stranded (not solid) individual conductors are much easier to pull. At the junction box you can switch to Romex assuming the...
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    What type of light do I need to look for to replace this one?

    Agreed, I would see what's behind that fixture before shopping for a new light. If there is a box it should be in the center of the old light.
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    Change out a 15 amp breaker for a 20 amp?

    I try to never use 14 g on receptacles, unless I'm tapping off an existing 15A circuit, lighting is ok though in my opinion, since lighting loads are decreasing all the time with LEDs.
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    Can I use a transformer to convert 110v to 240v to power a tool in my shed?

    Look at the tool nameplate. It should have the draw labeled on it. If it only gives you watts and not amps, take the watts and divide it by 240 and that will be the amp draw. If it's greater than 80% of 15 (more than 12), then you need a larger circuit. I admire the inventiveness of the...
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    Do I need this specific battery?

    Deka batteries are very good.
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    Low voltage outdoor lights problem

    Never mind, guess the picture shown is the fixture?
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    Low voltage outdoor lights problem

    That's a pretty fancy splice kit for low voltage lights, why not just use wire nuts and tape them up?
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    Low voltage outdoor lights problem

    The problem could still be downstream, so it couldn't hurt to check connections at all the lights on that run.