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    Grading a lawn

    Im having a hard time attaching pics. I have removed some small wooded areas and i want to level it and remove rocks and roots so my finish mower can do the job. I have my yard toy, a jcb 4cx but i dont know if its to big or how to properly do what i want. Is there a way to level and remove...
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    Siding before gable roof

    I want to finish siding The house , before I build a gable roof over the front entrance . If I nail the gable starter wood over the door , how to I properly run the j channel to accept the siding ?
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    Land survey?

    Anyone know anything about surveys ? Originally my survey said 2 property owners to the north did not recognise my boarder , so there is an overlap . My lawyer told me not to worry about it . Well now loggers have been hired by both of those land owners so I want it cleared up . Checked the...
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    Help with drywall and trim around new doors and windows

    So I installed new doors and windows on an existing first floor . I did this after the place was drywalled , wall thickness varies it spots , and the new windows are smaller than the old ones to save moNey from having to go custom. I'm going to try and do these one at a time to avoid...
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    200 amp sub panel

    I installed a new 200 amp underground service a couple years ago . It comes into the house at the opposite side of where the existing panel was . So I installed a new 200amp murray panel , then fed my existing panel with a 100 amp 3 wire and turned it into a subpanel.. All inspected . Now...
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    Anybody know about backhoes?

    I've been looking at them online for 6 months now , just looking at prices and such. I need to do some digging and landscape at my house. I also have a very large driveway to clear snow from .20k would be my top end on spending . It's just home personal use , but a plumber friends says he can...
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    Siding undersill

    Siding around my garage , the d5 siding falls in a bad spot where clipping into the undersill is not possiable . What do you do?
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    Ruts in grass

    Staying at the inlaws while they are in flordia , I went of the driveway while plowing snow during winter and made some decent ruts. I'm guessing fill in with topsoil and plant some grass on it? There coming home in a month and I'd like to have it fixed. Temps are above freezing now in NY.
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    Kitchen cabinets

    Seems like a good price. How do I judge , what do I look for?
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    Flooring advise

    So I will need a floor on my first story. The house had multipule rooms with multipule floor types and layers of different floors.I've opened up the house and made an open concept. After stripping alot out I'm left with some uneven flooring. There is nothing consistent to strip down to a single...
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    Ceiling light and smoke dector boxes

    I'm roughing the electric in an addition. All the device and switch boxes have markers for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. The ceiling boxes I grabbed have a set point for 3/8" . My ceiling board will be 5/8" . I'm assuming I grabbed the wrong boxes and the box should be flush with final ceiling level?
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    Internet/ technology

    I'm roughing a second story electrical. I don't have computers or cable tv. But I may want them someday , or even for resale value. While I'm doing this , should I run any high tech wires ? Theres 3 beds upstairs , and 1 bed down stairs and a living room of cours3. I do t know whats the latest...
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    Electrical code

    Soon I have to wire a 2nd floor addition from the panel. Can anyone direct me on site to read typical code? My town inspector told me to just Google it. I can wire , I just put in a 200 amp underground dyi. What I'm looking for is spacing height/ between recepticel , I know Co smoke in every...
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    Lvl question

    I have to add a double 3.5"×7.25" lvl in my basem3nt with 2 new 3" adjustable columns. I have no lvl experience. What's the proper way to nails lvls tog3ther? And what's the proper way to attach them to a metal column?
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    Concrete calculator?

    I have to add beams and footers in my basement , is thier an easy calculator to use to find out how many bags of quickcrete I need? He gives different dimensions for certain columns , but I'll just do them all the same . 3'x3'x1'6" deep . I know the bags come in 60 or 80#.
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    new underground service

    I'm digging a trench from the pole to my walkout basement , mounting the meter on the cmu's. code is 2' deep. is it a totally bad idea to use this trench for drainage also? Say I bury the wire with the clay I dug out , maybe 10" worth , then add a perferated pipe and stones? I already dug...
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    foundation sank

    Foundation on my garage sank , I'd guess 4-6" . It put step cracks in the a concrete block wall. I want to fix it cheap as its only a storage area mainly , and I have alot of repairs elsewhere. My first step is putting in exterior drain tile as it was needed , water was entering the Garage and I...
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    some roof questions

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    rough framing

    Can someone recommend a good book on rough framing? Something with pictures , lol.
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    lotsa work

    Hi all glad to be here. I have a ton of work to do on my house I bought 2 years ago. Major work , entire roof is shot , half of it is tarped. I'm sure theres a lot of rotten wood within , needing some structural replacement , ill expand on that later.Deffinatly on a budget , so I'm looking to...