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  1. rnddude

    using joint compound for decorative effect

    Not ofhand, but the interned search function is your friend....
  2. rnddude

    using joint compound for decorative effect

    decor...I am familiar with the technique. It is familiar to the one done to put patterns in concrete. In that method they use a flexible sheet, sort of a rubber material, that has the pattern cast into it in reverse. That sheet is positioned on the fresh trowelled concrete and then backed with...
  3. rnddude

    Kitchen Countertop Advice Needed

    Hey Joe, (song pops into my head as I type, but I digress), what marble_com did is extremely common on forums, quoting a prior thread and commenting. That's why they have the "quote" button. I don't find it distracting at all, quite the contrary, it lets me know specifically what he/she is...
  4. rnddude

    does a soaker hose need water pressure to work?

    You could get a faucet timer and use a hose with a smaller orifice to do automatic flood watering..
  5. rnddude

    Kitchen Island Hood Location

    Does your hood have the ducting inside of a surround shield? Most do, and the ducting is hidden from view. If so, the ducting can be offset inside with elbows to allow the hood to be centered. Can you post a picture?
  6. rnddude

    I'm putting clear glass kitchen cabinet doors up next week

    I used to have a stained glass studio, so I know glass! Clear antique glass, which is somewhat wavy with bubbles/inclusions is a very good & unique choice. Also look into standard reeded glass, which is affordable, machine-made and will diffuse the light passing thru. I have it in several of my...
  7. rnddude

    Weird fisher & paykel drain problem

    As previously stated, check the drain loop height, too low and it will back-drain into the tubs. Also, do you know how to strip all of the tub contents and clean it out? It may be contributing to the problem. It is easy to do....remove the silverware tray, then the entire wire rack, tipping it...
  8. rnddude

    Kitchen Countertop Advice Needed

    OK, here is a photo that shows my concrete countertops on both sides of the range and also in the right-hand side of the photo...
  9. rnddude

    Glass Blocks?

    DW1....the photos I posted are of one of two bathrooms, both have similar glass block windows. The question of cleaning is more relevant in the other bathroom, in which the shower resides under the block window. Cleaning has not been a big issue at all, in fact I find that I only need to clean...
  10. rnddude

    Glass Blocks?

    photos of glass block windows in our master bathroom. [/IMG]
  11. rnddude

    Concrete Counter Tops

    For the adhesion to the drywall, any good construction adhesive should work fine. As to sealing the backsplash to the countertop, I would think getting a good match to the concrete color (I am assuming your are coloring the concrete mix) could be tough, I would suggest clear silicone, in fact...
  12. rnddude

    Glass Blocks?

    ISUzj, you did an approach to glass blocks that is worth highlighting....which is building a frame in the opening, and then building another frame that is a slip-fit into the opening frame, and then mounting the glass blocks into the working frame. Then when the glass blocks are all installed...
  13. rnddude

    Glass Blocks?

    I installed glass blocks as exterior windows in both my bathrooms. They are installed from 6' off the floor to the ceiling. The effect is fourfold: It is an effective noise barrior compared to pane windows, it is a superior thermal insulator compared to pane windows, it is high enough and...
  14. rnddude

    Master Bath or Separate Bath?

    I would vote for a Master bathroom PLUS an additional common-use bathroom to service the other bedrooms. If you can position it (the common bathroom) on a common wall relative to the Master bath, you can share the plumbing and drains, much easier and cheaper to do. This is the best for utility...
  15. rnddude

    ** I need some help and advice about my entire house please! **

    ABG, you aren't on the right internet site to deal with the problems you have. Given your situation, there is nothing that can be done in the way of "fixing up" your home. How can you afford internet access and not food? I suspect a troll here....
  16. rnddude

    Hello from Valencia Ca.

    Yes, I have been stalking you from the coffee forums site...:p
  17. rnddude

    Anyone have a home security system?

    Yes, two standard poodles. They even bark at ME when I approach the front door!
  18. rnddude

    Cultural Exchange

    Although I now live in California, I grew up in Wyoming. Consider the following... Wyoming is known as the equality state because it was the first state to allow women to vote. There was resistance to allowing Wyoming statehood in 1890 because it had allowed women to vote since 1869, and the...
  19. rnddude

    Water Heater Cleaner

    Nester_Kelebay...thanks for the A.O Smith link. I was looking for info on flushing out a TANKLESS water heater, and I found it there as well. I had in my mind how I would do it, but the site confirmed the process and the use of Vinegar as a decalcifing agent. Good link....
  20. rnddude

    Painting HVAC?

    Use a good primer!