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  1. Frank

    How to fix this door frame?

    So my house is built in the '50s and everything's out of square. I pulled the door frame off and tried to square it and on the hallway the door frame sticks out at the bottom but the top is flush with the walls. I'm going to try to upload a video here and show.
  2. Frank

    What is this stuff

    Hello everyone! I'm wanting to pull up this old flooring which is like some type of huge linoleum that seems to be in sections about 4 to 6 ft wide. The house was built in the 40s or 50s and I'm assuming this linoleum or whatever it is has some type of crazy glue on it. I've attached a few...
  3. Frank

    Is this a load bearing wall?

    I had to replace some subfloor underneath my hot water heater because the guy who had the house before me never fixed it and it was rotting. I had to remove the wall to be able to get behind the hot water heater and fix the sub flooring also. however when I was pulling the 4-ft wall out it...
  4. Frank

    Rotten floor, sub floor, and sill/bottom plate

    Hey everyone how's it going? Hopefully y'all's day is better than mine. So I noticed the drywall was peeling and I got this house as a tax house or tax sale. This is what I discovered when tearing off the drywall along the bottom. It looks like they had three quarter inch subfloor but the two...
  5. Frank

    Where the floor meets the wall!

    I had to do some sheetrock work beneath my window and when I pulled the baseboard off I noticed that there were different size gaps in the flooring of the wood and I can feel cold air coming through different spots from underneath the house which is a crawl space. I was wondering what could I...
  6. Frank

    Framing, boocking, bracing, not sure...

    How's it going folks. I'm trying to walk-in/enclose my one of my 2 garage doors. My building is built form the early 1900s for old Jeep's to be worked on in the military (Fort Riley, KS). It's galvanized steel. I have like 5 questions. Pics and video posted. 1. When it rains, water comes...
  7. Frank

    New concrete or not

    I have a sloped concrete drive that enters into the garage/shop. I got the house and it's been abandoned for a long time but I am having a few issues. I went to put anchor bolts in and it's not lining up level and if I do get it level, the garage is on the edge (actually hanging over the...
  8. Frank

    Dirt caving in under house

    Hey! When I got the house this is the way it was. Actually it was worse than this but I have use jack stands to help lift it because it was settling really bad. The problem I'm having is the dirt is caving in on my furnace. I can't just remove that dirt because then the dirt that supports the...
  9. Frank

    Frank from Kansas

    Hey! My name is Frank, 33 from mississippi but live Kansas. I just recently bought my 1st home and its pretty old. 1920 i believe and thinking i got a good deal but geeeez, its alot of work and i dont know much about anything and i wanna fix it up without paying a guy alot of $$$. I like...