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    Major buyer's remorse, sick to my stomach, looking for advise

    I just moved from a paid for house in the metro Denver area to a paid for house in the Phoenix area. I feel like I undersold my previous house (even though the appraisal didn't agree) and overpaid for my current house. Redfin says my house was worth some 30k more, at the time I sold it...
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    Hole near house

    Does anyone know how this might have happened? I'm in Colorado in the Denver area and wouldn't have thought an animal could have done this. My house was built in 1960. This hole is under my back patio (a concrete slab) right against the house. I have had issues with pooling water but this is...
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    Carpet soaked, now brown spots and foul smell

    I accidentally left my front sprinklers running all night which resulted in the window well to the basement filling up with water. The water then leaked through the window and soaked part of the carpet. I put a fan on it and it's pretty much dry now after 2 days, but now there are brown spots...