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  1. patrad

    How would you trim this gap?

    I took a wall down, built an island, and put a row of uppers adjacent to the wall. The wall is not straight. The panels were fixed width so I couldn't scribe. Even if I did scribe perfectly, I'd still want a piece of trim. I'm thinking a piece of screen molding but then not sure how to...
  2. patrad

    planks on stairs, glue and expansion?

    I have some cork planks that I'm putting on some stairs. I've read some conflicting things in various places. 1) Glue down or float? I've read that if planks are on stairs, they need to be glued down. However some molding mfgs have instructions for installing stair nosing on glued or...
  3. patrad

    How would you refinish this concrete wall?

    I'm refinishing these basement steps. Need to figure out wall treatment. I'm sure if I use paint or some other direct-to-wall finish, it will meet the same fate as what is on there. I'm considering some sort of paneling but not sure about how I would secure to wall, how I would handle...