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    Toilet clogged - snake won't go down

    This is what i would do 1) turn off water to toilet. 2) vacuum out the tank and bowl 3) take toilet to garage or back lawn 4) stick a hose in the bottom of the toilet and back flush 5) if this does not work stick the toilet auger (snake ) in the back end BTW you can turn cw or ccw with a snake.
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    What is this on my hose bib outside

    Vacuum breaker
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    Which of these is main water shutoff...?

    Yes that red pipe with the circle looks like it, give it a try, see if it does the job.
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    Double up wax rings or use an adapter?

    I have used double wax seals under some conditions, BTW Always sponge out all parts of a toilet, tank and bowl.
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    Grohe Single-Lever Faucet delivering very low pressure when set to "Hot"

    There could be a variety of reasons. remove the aerator and check for debris, turn on faucet with out the aerator and let her rip next 1) go under the kitchen sink and turn off the hot and cold water valves. 2) disconnect the two speedway going into the faucet. 3) get a big bucket and put the...
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    Gas firepit propane to natural gas

    this is not a job for handy men. If you are not licensed no not touch.
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    What's this pipe in front lawn for??? B box or sabotage!?!

    A curb stop valve normally has a 1 inch black pipe connecting the valve to the top, so my question is what size is the pipe?
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    inside double glasses window

    You could try just taking out the pane and turning it upside down . If this worked try with a heat gun to some how reheat the plastic to stick in place,
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    Furnace inducer motor replacement gets three red flashes

    Search Results Featured snippet from the web Three red flashes indicate the pressure switch is stuck in the open position. Possible causes include blocked vent pipes, blocked air intake pipes, faulty pressure switch or pressure switch hose or a faulty combustion air blower. Four red flashes...
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    2-Prong Outlet to 3-Prong Home Conversion

    I has been my experience that if you restrict the trades man to make little damage to the wall, ceiling or floors then the job will take extremely long to do the job. So instead of a $2700 job it now cost almost double, much cheaper to let the electrician make as many hole as he wants , the...
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    What did you do today?

    Hoping for your swift recovery .
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    What did you do today?

    started to lift weights again, I was gaining weight, i would walk every day but that is not enough.
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    What's your Temp?

    snowing lightly in montreal , temp around 36 f My area has 85 inches this year
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    Help removing metal shower drain

    It looks to me like your shower was built with a lead lined shower pan liner. i would remove the shower drain and lead liner and replace with a schluter shower pan. you might need help making a connection to the drain pipe . But it is worth it , because once it is done it will be good for your...
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    What did you do today?

    I fixed the leveler on my sliding patio door. I did not know that there were adjusting screws at the bottom. door now is plumb and square to frame.
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    Sump pump running non-stop -- chemical test of water?

    Sump pumps can run a lot in the spring time. Is it a new sump pump? also where is the discharge, I have seen a pump with the discharge just outside the house so that there is an end cycle of pump out the water, water come back in , pumps out water, over and over.
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    Gas meter conundrum - cannot solve this!

    I have seen this before, You could turn off your meter and see what happens. See ho comes running.
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    What is acceptable time for post checking?

    Did you just put your posts on gravel? no footing
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    Bath Remodel

    I would have suggested to pass a fish through the sink drain pipe before closing, also did you insulate? and install a vapour barrier?