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    Durable Clear coat that is crystal clear (Not Polycrlic) for exterior applications?

    Hi Olddog, were you intending to add a comment?
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    Durable Clear coat that is crystal clear (Not Polycrlic) for exterior applications?

    I just checked the Home Depot website, and the product seems to be called Wet Floor Polish, not finish. Are we talking about the same thing? From a scan of the reviews some seem to be dated back a few years, so if it is a new product for Zep as you suggest, it must have been a few years ago.
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    older home without ground wires

    the home was built in the late 1950's, no ground wires that i have noticed. A four foot two tube fluorescent fixture finally gave up in my laundry room. It was probably about 30 years old. It had a ballast that was not grounded. I am thinking of replacing it with a four foot LED fixture from...
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    How to keep stains away from the sink?

    well lets expand this to kitchen sinks, which are routinely exposed to all sorts of stuff like tomato sauces etc, Is the larger issue that of using cleansers that may contain varying amounts of chemicals and abrasives? As a widower I now need advice in this area.
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    deck cleaning

    thanks Neal, guess you are referring to the pressure treatment. my deck is now about 5 years old and I have not noticed a problem until just now when I went out to work on it. There was noticeable green goo on the surface, and some moss growing in the cracks on each side of the plank. would...
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    deck cleaning

    Deck on north side of house. I have a very small fairly new deck that covers up a cement stoop with about 4 steps. It is made with pressurized lumber, and ONE of the planks right in the center of the deck, from end to end, has a mold or algae problem, green anyway, with moss between cracks...