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    Flat Roof Drain strainers

    Good Morning, I recently had a flat roof on top of a garage replaced (20'x18'). They did not ask me about replacing the existing drains, and now we have a TPO roof with 2- 3" drains embedded (they are both connected through the roof to the interior of the garage). Had I been local when they...
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    Reattaching old fencing around decking above garage

    Hi Folks, So this is a multifaceted project... involving demo, roofing, and then decking. I've removed the fencing (sawzall straight down to cut through the nails attaching it) and deck boards of a deck (pryed up and discarded. I will remove the sleeper system to access the roof (it leaks)...
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    Flat Roof on a concrete garage

    Hello! I currently have a concrete roofed garage covered with epdm that is leaking through the roof and into the garage (seam and corner failure from previous installer). It hasn't been much, but it has made it all the way through. There is a deck on top of the garage (that sits on parapet...
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    Caulking between frameless shower door and wall/tub

    I have a frameless shower door held by two wall hinges. I was going to recaulk the tub, but was wondering if there was a trick to caulking between the door and wall (the current caulk is getting pulled out each time the door is opened). I'm just afraid water is getting by and running down...
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    Greetings from DC

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I have a 100+ old row house in Washington DC. I'm grateful that this forum exists as I have growing list of "head-scratchers".