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  1. Lancerdad34

    Replacing carrier stem on Levolor blind

    I have a broken stem on my vertical Levolor blinds. Lowes has been no help. How do you get the broken one out? There must be a simple trick to it? Thanks, Brian
  2. Lancerdad34

    Trane XR 80 blower motor issue

    I am having issues with my blower motor. I noticed a burnt wire smell a couple of days ago and then it went away. This morning I noticed the same thing and even though my thermostat said system on the blower motor was not. I tapped the side of the panel near the blower and it kicked on for a...
  3. Lancerdad34

    Whirlpool GX5FH iceing up

    I have had this whirlpool about 3 years and this is at least the third time I remember the back of the freezer icing up (see photo)and blocking the vents that circulate cold air. As a result each time I have to shut it down and let it defrost completely. The last time was early Oct 2014. I...
  4. Lancerdad34

    No voltage at thermostat

    I have a 19 year old Trane XE 80. Yesterday I turned the air on and I did hear it kick on. About an hour later I heard nothing running and my Honeywell programmable thermostat said "system on". However the furnace blower and compressor were not running. I checked for 24 volts in the wires going...