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    skim coat bubbling

    I recently put on the first layer of skim coat and after it dried I noticed that it is bubbling up. I started to scrap away where the bubbles are but I've been taking a lot of dry wall paper past the areas that are not bubbled up. Should I continue to peel the paper even if it is not bubbling? I...
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    Paint peeling

    It's peeling all the way to the dry wall, looks like 3 layers of different paint. I've found a couple places where it stopped peeling but for the most part it's all coming off a couple inches at a time.
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    Paint peeling

    My entire house has popcorn ceiling texture(asbestos free). I've taken on the job of scraping the ceilings and figured while I was at it I would skim coat the walls to cover up 30 years of holes and dents. When I started removing the painted molding around the windows the paint started peeling...