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    What did you do today?

    A happy and healthy Thankgiving to all!
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    Sagging floor repair estimate

    @Ron - Why use the plywood between the 2x6s? The only reason I can come up is get the 3.5 inch width, but is there some other structural reason? I ask out of ignorance. The floor between the basement and first floor of my house uses 16ft long 2x10s, but someone made two cuts on one of them that...
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    Sharpening stones

    I believe that there are a bunch of other sharpeners based on the same concept. Work sharp has two and they sell replacement stones. That said, Ruixin is a budget brand so it will probably be cheaper to buy a new set (for $22). Personally, I just use a cheap (<$20) 1000/3000 Whetstone and a...
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    Water is leaving my hair feeling waxy and gross

    This will sound dumb, but I'm just making sure there isn't something obvious that is being missed (been there... done that): Did you happen to use the same shampoo, and conditioner if you use it, when you showered in your house vs your neighbors?
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    Karlson Cabinet for a 15" Speaker

    Side note: I always scoff when someone says that they "need" a 100W or higher amplifier. When I was much, much younger I build an amplifier and the power supply for it from scratch. I used a Phillips chip as the main component of the amplifier and it was rated at 6W per channel MAX! According to...
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    Karlson Cabinet for a 15" Speaker

    @Eddie_T - That was kind of my point. Even with small speakers, one can get pretty low frequencies provided that one makes the box big enough... to a point at least.
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    Karlson Cabinet for a 15" Speaker

    These things are massive. 33" x 22.5"? No wonder this thing ought to have great bass. Thank you but no. I'll stick to my nice bookshelf speaker arrangement and I can turn on the active 6" Sony subwoofer I recently fixed if I really need the bass. Most of the time I can't use it because even at...
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    "Seatle's best" used to be pretty good several (~7+) years ago, back when I still bought coffee outside from time to time. We also had some friends in Seattle and they all said that "Seatle's best" truly had the best coffee in Seatle. The shocking part was that in the last few of those years...
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    I don't eat out these days, and only did so when traveling on business before. Regardless, as a general rule of thumb, I prefer to eat in places where I can see the kitchen and the folks cooking. This ensures freshly cooked food and that they actually try to keep the place clean and decent. In...
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    Particleboard subfloors..... new carpet

    Although wainscoting can look quite good in a dining or living room, if the goal is to have a clean surface, I would go for the re-drywalling as I suspect that is lower effort overall. From my experience, getting all those corners and edges tightly siliconed, primed and painted will quite a bit...
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    How about this?
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    Why do people buy these massive car spoiler wings? And the worst part is that they put these on some older cars (e.g., 2005 Honda Civic). I understand some people wanting a cooler-looking car, but on those older cars it just looks plain goofy.
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    Bench testing a 24v transformer

    From what I have seen, most furnace systems work with 24V AC. Actually, in my house there is a 24V AC line in the connections to the thermostat and apparently some thermostats even require this. To test a transformer first set the multimeter to measure resistance and when connecting on the two...
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    Those are two meats to add to my bucket list of things to try. I've tried gator. It tasted like chicken, but I suspect that's because they also used that deep fryer for chicken...
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    What did you do today?

    Contracts where everything is spelled out can be very helpful. I'd had several problems when working with contractors, so I think that it makes it easier to work out problems later... like someone doing goofy work. That said, if you don't like some things, you absolutely should negotiate them...
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    One Word Game: volume 3

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    Clear wood waterproofing / water sealer products

    I rebuilt my deck about 3 years ago and I have been using Thompsons' WaterSeal Clear Wood Sealer until now but I thought of asking here what better options are out there. First of all, the protection after less than a year is not good on any horizontal board, which is most of a deck. The...
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    Just bought my first home

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    Do I need a carpenter, a locksmith, or a door company?

    I know that you said that you couldn't fix it yourself but fixing the deadbolt lock is as easy as buying a new one from your local home supply store for ~$20 and takes no more than 10min to replace. Looking closely you can see how much the striker plate might need to move. If it is <1/16" then...
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    What did you do today?

    I asked HD for a quote on making one of the screens (~3x6ft) for my house a couple of years ago and they quoted me for more $200. Ouch! If you have or can borrow a mitter saw to cut the frame, making them is quite easy. I looked in the store and they even sell the plastic pieces that the corners...