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    Street / Main Power restoration indicator

    Thx JoeD. This may b the best option, but out of stock and not remote. I want to have a light + buzzer up on the first floor so I wouldnt have to go into the basement. Reviews also say its not loud enough. Remarkably surprised this is the only option available commercially. Looking elsewhere...
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    Street / Main Power restoration indicator

    So storm Isaias knocked out power for me. I have a back up generator that I connect to my panel after disconnecting it from the main. The problem I am trying to solve is knowing when main power has been restored. Thankfully a neighbor called me last night and told me it had been restored, but I...
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    Fix or replace? Mansfield Toilet Flush Valve - Fix!

    Hmmm. looking for / pondering parts, well 30 min+/- But for others on this forum it will be presumably be *quicker* since they know what to get at an ace hardware store. That's why I gave specific directions and parts. This is the DIY forum; folks have drills and dremels, no? The whole thing...
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    Fix or replace? Mansfield Toilet Flush Valve - Fix!

    I have once again come across a frustrating happenstance, where an older household item eventually needs some sort of repair, only to find that it is nearly impossible to find a *simple* replacement part and thus one must do a near or total replacement of an item for want of a painfully simple...
  5. Fv Dremeled

    Fv Dremeled

    bottom of flush valve after dremeling off prongs
  6. Fv Norm

    Fv Norm

    bottom of flush valve - normal look
  7. Fv Worn

    Fv Worn

    bottom of flush valve - prongs worn out
  8. Manfield


    Flush Valve assembly
  9. Stopper


    one hole rubber stopper
  10. Tube N Stopper

    Tube N Stopper

    Rubber Stopper with Plastic tube attached
  11. Mansfield Toilet

    Mansfield Toilet

    Toilet parts and how to fix
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    Just because I hate hanging posts, I am following up to close this thread. my Effikal RVGP-KS-6BKF FLUE Damper had, as far as the folks at Field Controls were concerned, a bad circuit board, I expressed my concern about replacing the device it it were possible that it could be some other...
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    thanks Bud was hoping there might be a link to a schematic here. google has been disappointing, so hard to figure out what does what on the unit. Just want to make sure its not --something else-- before I buy a new unit.
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    Is that it guys? No one here can offer any help? :(
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    as stated in the third paragraph, i did that... so looking for other ways to troubleshoot and hopefully fix
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    it closes and opens via the motor
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    I have an Effikal RVGP-KS-6BKF FLUE Damper on my heating system. With the cold snap, I noticed that the house was not heating above 66. what I discovered was that the damper was open. I disengaged the motor, and was able to manually close the damper. I reattached the motor, and when the...
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    RFI - How 2 add sink in basement

    Frodo, thanks for the reply. Any reason why you suggest the lower cleanout vs the upper one?
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    RFI - How 2 add sink in basement

    Thank you both for the reply. If I understand correctly, I would cut the horizontal pipe to the left of the 'T' that the clean out port is on. Q1: Is there any videos that demonstrate this, that you are aware of? Q2: not sure how to run a vent pipe, or if it is necessary[?]
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    RFI - How 2 add sink in basement

    I want to put a utility sink in my basement. The only drain pipe is as in the attached photo. Can anyone point me to how they would add a drain up into that pipe? ie by adding pipe at end via cap, or cutting into 3" pipe that goes to left, or ? ... presuming I will have a sink with a...