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    Moen kitchen faucet is leaking from base under the sink?

    I took off the moen faucet each of the 3 parts and cannot figure out why it is leaking from underneath the sink where the base is at. I checked the gaskets and everything is fine, (you can see in the pictures where water is dripping from the base underneath the sink but no water is leaking up top).
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    Air duct has some condensation and was curious if this is normal

    I noticed that there was a moderate amount of condensation on my air duct in the basement and was worried this may be a cause of concern. Is this normal?
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    Window frame question

    My question is, why is there such a large gap and how can I fix this (not using weatherstrip)? For whatever reason I wanted to mention my window screen frame has a spring mechanism to make it easy to come out on the side which exacerbates the gap. I’m pushing for them to get a larger window...
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    Sump pump, condensation/wet to touch feeling

    I wanted to know if this is expected with a sump pump considering it’s less than 1 year old. There is some condensation on the floor it appears like and is faintly wet to touch , as the attached pic can be deceiving… (I’m in the Chicagoland area so right now we’re getting snow and then a melting...
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    Ruud Furnace is making buzzing noise while furnace filter is inside unit

    Can anyone please help me identify why my furnace is making a loud obnoxious buzzing noise? It just started a few moments ago and is still heating the home, it’s just the noise it’s just annoying and sounds like something is malfunctioning. It is very sudden and random
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    Cross bore / Latch bore cosmetically ugly, is this fine with it sticking out

    I just bought a new construction home and noticed the builder did a VERY poor installation on the entry door in regards to the cross bore/latch bore where the door knob latch is. Will leaving it like this (in the pics) impact the mechanism/ performance of the door or am I fine leaving it as is...
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    What way should the air flow for this filter?

    I just bought a new house and cannot confidently say I know where the air flow direction should be on the filter. The design of my furnace is the up flow/horizontal as indicated in the pictures attached. I’m guessing the arrow should point toward the furnace (or point up) but wanted confirmation.
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    confused on hot wire and neutralwire

    I am installing a new closet strip light fixture and am a little confused on which is HOT and which is NEUTRAL. The wires out of the ceiling are white and black, but the wires on the new light fixture are white (copper) and black (silver) see in my attached image. I thought copper is the HOT...
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    New tub drain kit installation - questions

    I replaced my tub drain due to cosmetic reasons and followed all the instructions in a youtube video to replace it. I installed a new gasket to the tub drain shoe and placed a pencil worth of plumbers putty all around the new tub drain (not threads) and installed it hand tight (in addition to a...
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    AC leaking blackish red fluid

    I am trying to figure out what this blackish red fluid that is leaking from my outdoor AC Unit in IL. Everything is sound on the unit, no rodents or anything. My HVAC tech came out a month ago and everything checked out, with him stating it is running in great condition.
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    Water Heater draining sediment

    So I have a 15+ year old water heater, bought the home recently and now the waterheater makes a "rock popping" sound inside the water heater after showering or using water for a period of time. I would like to know what exactly I need to do to drain it to get out the sediment in the unit? I have...
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    Furnace Air Filter Direction arrow

    i need help solving which way my air flow is on my furnace. I am confused and am a first time homebuyer and need help confirming this is correct. Does this need to be flipped?
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    Furnace Air Flow Direction HELP PLEASE

    I do not recall how the air flow should be pointing. i am a new home owner first time and didn't mark where the previous one pointed when removing it. Seems like it's in the right direction just need help with confirming that.. THNKS IN ADVANCE!! rhetorical yes but please help