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    Outdoor Faucet Leaks

    My front yard faucet leaks (from the threaded area), by the looks of it I think it might need a new washer or a whole new fitting since this one is original to the house. I have no idea how to go about fixing this because I'm afraid I might do something stupid and make it worse and have to call...
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    Weird Toilet Rough

    Good day everyone!! I installed a toilet last year in a bathroom we were redoing and it was time for me to tackle the downstairs one. It doesn't flush right, is probably as old as the house and since we have hard water, I doubt anything can get out. Plus adding a comfort height would be nice for...
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    Seperate Electrical Problems

    I have two electrical problems, they are separate and don't run on the same circuit. The first, and I think is the easiest, is my outdoor porch light. It's controlled by a switch inside. The light no longer turns on, and yes it's not the bulb. I took the switch out and replaced it but...