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    Help with seeding a steep hill

    I have a steep hill that had very bad erosion. My power company recently did some work on this hill and made a mess with there large equipment. They may come back and fix this, but now sure if that will happen. Any suggestion of how to seed this hill. I will provide current pic of how the hill...
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    Samsung Dryer making buzzing noise

    Electric Dryer, Electrical Buzzing Sound (with video) - Samsung Dryer DV218AEW/XAA Help! Recently my Samsung Samsung Dryer DV218AEW/XAA Stack-able Electric Dryer is making an electrical buzzing sound. I would like to fix it myself if possible, but will call out a repair technician if necessary...
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    Small hole by my Foundation

    I have a small hole by my Foundation. the hole is more a rakes height. The basement has no leaks or wet drywall by the hole. There are no animals in it that I am aware of, I did not see and foot prints. It is about a fits weights around. Not sure how to handle this and what steps to take...
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    What kind of wood is this in our Sun Room?

    Not sure what kind of wood this, I think it is pine. How to care for it? This Sun room is not heated year round and not cooled in the summer. It does have a odd smell to my family. What can i do to help the smell or give it a fresh smell. Thanks Brian
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    Help with Driveway repair

    Hi All Can anyone give me some suggestions, what kind a cement to use (brands). I also have cracks I would like to fill. See the pic's I uploaded Thanks Brian The First Pic is my main Problem. This is by my garage.