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  1. driz

    How To Repair Aluminum Clad On Exterior Doors?

    We have some 25 YO rather expensive to replace French doors to get a lot of weather. One is just starting to pull away which I can glue and clamp in position but the other one has rot all along the bottom. Can I simply peel that bad piece off and replace it with painted flashing after doing...
  2. driz

    Redoing Cabinets ??

    I’m freshening up my 25 yo maple cabinets using Watch Danish oil. As per the directions I went slightly darker and have sanded the doors then wiped a couple coats. Those are fine. Now I’m wondering what to do with the cabinet faces. Sand or try stripper. Or can I simply scuff...
  3. driz

    Acetone and Automatic Tranny Fluid Really Does Eat Rust

    ive used it for tears with great success on cars but never waited to see if it actually dissolved rust. It always worked breaking nuts loose in short order. The really nasty roads salted ones on his suspension arms and such I like to start spraying a week early . This time I had a toilet...
  4. driz

    Need Ideas To Stiffen Up A Treadmill Deck

    I get a treadmill it’s got some years on it but still works fine for my purposes. Long ago it got some rain in which God and of the back part of the deck and down in the particleboard that they use for decking. So it’s swelled and I ended up making a new one out of three-quarter inch plywood and...
  5. driz

    German hardwood bathroom door issue

    This is a bathroom door that got left open with somebody must've repeatedly taking showers or something that affected the stain that it came with. What would be the best way to fix this? I'm not planning on doing the other side of the door because although it's 40 years old it's pristine...
  6. driz

    How would you address this simple barn in need of a drip edge

    This is my boat shed. I noticed that the purlins are getting a bit weathered and finally figured out that water is migrating from that top edge. And migrating all the way more or less to the back. It's a single pitched roof and the picture is the top edge overhang. Some simple cheap...