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    window sill filler

    Is that an air conditioner in the window (3rd pic)? Is it draining properly? :rolleyes:
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    Nail polish remover table repair

    Maybe a pure Tung oil finish, I've got a small maple table done that way and it's worked out nicely.
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    How do I test this old compressor?

    Here's a page that'll tell you something about that brand of compressor... Sanborn Air Compressors Here's the parts manual for that compressor: Sanbourne "F"-series 07fl350 Sync | Secure cloud storage that protects your privacy
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    How does one safely do even the most basic of renovations in a house full of lead?

    Work wet, and read these: Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program | US EPA
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    Get cat pee smell out of wood floor

    Second the motion for Natures Miracle! Recently had a tenant leave whose "Emotional Support Animal" peed on newly installed carpeting. The trick is to locate the urine so it can be treated, otherwise you're flyin' blind and trusting to luck. I bought a blacklight and use it to locate exactly...
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    Drywall Came Loose Behind Door Frame What’s The Correct Way To Secure it?

    I had a similar problem with a section of wall recently. What I did was add "structure" behind the wall to hold it in place. My solution was spray foam- once in the wall cavity, it expanded and hardened supporting it in place from behind.
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    Fireplace Remodel Ideas

    Had this in my email a few weeks ago, from Ron Hazelton's site: How to Make a Fireplace Mantel and Tile Surround • Ron Hazelton Online Might try something similar myself... was thinking of 12"x12" granite tile.
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    can i get away with cabinet grade plywood for a project seldom exposed to weather?

    He wouldn't need a 4'x8' sheet- 1- 1"x6"x12' would cover the 2'x3' area mentioned for $39.98 (local Home Depot). As to load strength, how much weight are you gonna carry in a 2'x3' area on a bicycle? Just my 2 cts....FWIW
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    window in shower

    Nope. What you see is what I had to dig through 2 layers of carpet & 2 layers of vinyl to get to, 100+ year old wood flooring. The toilet was already on the slab. As to boarding it up, it's on the 3rd floor with no outside access. Here's a secret, the shower curtain rod is CPVC electrical...
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    window in shower

    Had a similar problem, I used vinyl trim + molding all around- pic of the end result:
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    can i get away with cabinet grade plywood for a project seldom exposed to weather?

    Ok, I'll probably get called a heretic for suggesting something other than wood, but have you considered vinyl trim or composite boards?
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    Studs - wooden or steel

    Steel studs are also used for soundproofing too