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  1. dakuda

    Jumping wires

    I am thinking about a wifi thermostat that needs a C wire. I read about converting my G wire to a C wire and then jumping the G and Y at the furnace. This is supposed to work the fan with the A/C, and since the furnace controls the fan anyway, it shouldn't be a problem. My 2 questions: Is...
  2. dakuda

    New boxwoods

    I just planted 11 boxwoods in the front of my house. How much water do they need to 'set in' to the yard? I live near Chicago, and it hasn't rained in a while - but it looks like it might tonight.
  3. dakuda

    slick spot on laminate floor

    My kitchen fooring is the sheet laminate that you can buy at any big box hardware store. It has been that since before I bought the place. What is weird though is that there is a slick spot to the left of the sink, in the corner of the counter area. If I step there w/o thinking about it, my...
  4. dakuda

    fire/garage doors

    I know that I should scour the codes here, but I think this would be the same in most places. I have a detached garage. I know (I think) that when your garage is attached, you need a fire-rated door between the house and garage. Since mine is detached, I assume that I can replace the door...
  5. dakuda

    landscape edging

    I am slowly starting to landscape the yard. I think this house has had zero landscaping for 50+ years. For now, I have just bought that plastic edging that is really cheap and using that. Other then not looking the best, is there really any other disadvantage to this stuff that I am not...
  6. dakuda

    Shower head

    I had to take a shower at my brother's house a while ago, and he had one of those big 8" or so shower heads. I was thinking about getting on here. Will that decrease the water pressure that I will get in the shower?
  7. dakuda

    This guy is stealing my name

    I have a very common combination of first and last names. Both are in the top 10 for most common in the US for quite a few years. Anyway, my job hired a new guy who uses my name. His legal first name is completely different and our email addresses are based on legal names. My legal first name...
  8. dakuda

    Work gloves

    I used to have a pair of Ringers gloves that I loved, but I lost them a few years ago. In the meantime, I have used Ironclad gloves. They wore out relatively quickly. Mine generally become become an all-purpose glove - moving wood, mechanic's, shoveling, etc. Any suggestions on the next...
  9. dakuda

    I should change jobs....and become a meterologist or professional baseball player

    Yesterday is just another case in point: I check the weather, and see that it will rain/storm tomorrow (today). I think, "Great, the grass seed in the front yard will get some more water." I wake up this morning and all the rain is gone from the forecast. This is the 400th time this year...
  10. dakuda

    Government CARS program

    People seem to be using this program widely (ran out of first $1B, approved for another $2B). Any thoughts on the 'Cash for Clunkers' in the US? Good/Bad?
  11. dakuda

    Learning a new language w/Rosetta Stone

    I have decided to brush up on my Spanish. I took four years in high school, but that was some time ago. Is Rosetta Stone worth it? It is pricey. Has anyone used it with success?
  12. dakuda

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  13. dakuda

    Custom vinyl lettering and decals?

    I am looking to have a few strips made up: company name, website, phone numbers, etc. I justwant to put them on a trailer's rails. What is a good company to go through, with decent prices?
  14. dakuda

    Trees topped and trimmed

    I just had a quote for two maple trees in my front yard. THey are over 100 ft tall. I was quoted $550 to top, trim, chip and clean up. Does that sound like a good price to anyone? I know that without pictures it is hard to tell, but I hope that someone can generalize it.
  15. dakuda

    Welding cart

    My old mig cart was made from bed frames cut up and welded together. Yes, it was cheaper. It also left much to be desired. This past weekend, I bought one of these: Craftsman 2 Tray Service Cart They were on sale for $40. I would watch Sears for the price to drop again. After I put it...
  16. dakuda

    P90X workout

    Has anyone here tried it? What were your results? I started it today and know that I am going to hurt tomorrow. I need to get back into shape, not be a shape.
  17. dakuda

    'toe-touch' tub drain not stopping water

    When I redid my bathroom, I put in a 'toe-touch' tub drain. It does not stop the water now. I would like to replace it with a simpler drain stop. Are all the threads on the drains the same, or are they all different so that I have to replace the entire assembly?
  18. dakuda

    Fiat, Chrysler deal is final. Who really runs the company now?

    Fiat will own 20% of Chrysler Group, LLC to start. Could increase to 35%. What shocks me is that the board will have four 'government representatives' on it, with the government only owning 8% of the company. The UAW owns 55% and only gets one representative. Fiat will get 3...
  19. dakuda

    Best and worst live bands

    I have been to quite a few concerts in my time, but not so much lately. One band I was actually disappointed in their live show was Def Leppard. I saw them probably 7 years ago, and thought it was awful. Any others?
  20. dakuda

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