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  1. K

    Basement Laundryroom cabinetry

    I am gearing up to do some rework in our laundry room. It is approx 11 x 11 ft w/ built-in cabinets across one wall, w/ a countertop across the adjoining wall. The biggest issue is the cabinets are constructed as just doorframes over shelving, so the backside is open to the cement basement...
  2. K

    New Lo-Flo Toilet

    I want to pass on my experience putting in a new AS Champion 4 toilet. The previous toilet was supposedly a lo-flo unit, never measured just how much water it used to flush. However it was quite prone to plugging.:mad: Especially when we had company staying with us. :mad: It also just...
  3. K

    Low VOC paint

    Hi all, I am in the process of painting my daughter's room. Started w/ painting the ceiling so far. Probably get to the walls this weekend. Anyway, I picked up a gal of Olympic paint at the big blue box store to do the ceiling. I was amazed that I was totally unable to detect any odor...
  4. K

    Racoons ate my goldfish!

    Well, it's been right about two years since we moved in and inherited a pond full of goldfish. A few nights ago, they vanished.:eek: When we let the dogs out late at night, they proceeded to bark bark bark bark........ Usually they just let out a couple barks to let the neighborhood know...
  5. K

    Wood Fireplace - gas log retrofit

    Hi everyone, I would like to tap the knowledge base to see if anyone has retrofitted a wood fireplace with gas logs? I know an insert is MUCH more efficient, at this point I would just like to have the ability to use the fireplace occasionally without the hastle of using wood. I know I...
  6. K

    Check your dryer duct

    Just a reminder about something we all know about and yet most of us ignore until we have to address it. Yesterday my wife was complaining to me about the dryer not working very well, requireing things to be cycled multiple times, etc. Yep you guessed it, the vent line was almost...
  7. K

    Floorplans, before/after

    Hi everyone, Having watched this and other remodeling/renovation sites, shows, books, etc. I have noticed that rarely do we get to see real floorplans and layouts of the space from before and after the renovation. My kitchen is daily becoming more of a headache to live with. I would love...
  8. K

    New Sewer Line

    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd pass on some info. We just HAD to replace our sewer line in 40yr old house. Big maple tree in the front yard had decided that our main line was a fine place to find water and nutrients. We've been in the house for a little over a year and had to snake the...
  9. K

    fishing wires

    I am wanting to replace my oh so nifty aluminum wiring in my 40 yr old house. One question I haven't been able to get resolved is about running the new wiring in the walls. When I fish the new wire into place, do I need to anchor it to the studs within the 8-12 inches of the box? If so...