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    Fence post for 2 door gate

    This is a new to me home. It's in northern Minnesota so there is a good winter. It looks like either the posts were not installed deep enough but I'm also not understanding the top rail that is connected to the right post. Are there better solutions than the traditional post or to create...
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    stucco hair line cracks

    As the paint is failing, I've noticed a bunch or hairline cracks. Is this something normal for stucco or something to be concerned with. Wondering if this needs repair prior to applying new paint or just using paint with elastomer.
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    What's the best way to repair the dry rot on the rafter ends?
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    Replacing Metal gutter on tile roof

    I have a 17ft section of metal gutter that is failing (rusting at the bottom). Would i be able to remove and replace just the gutter without disturbing the tiles much? Sorry don't have any pictures of how it attaches.
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    roofing options for enclosed patio

    I have an enclosed patio that is attached to the house. The current roofing material is corrugated fiberboard. Dimension is approx 18'l x32' w Roof has a sight pitch ...probably 4-6" for the total length. The roofing support is 4x4 wood with a 4 foot span. Horizontally there is probably 3...
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    moisture from corrugated roofing

    Description of room: Enclosed sunroom that is 20'x24'. 8 single pane windows. 1 patio door leading outdoors. 2 metal doors 32". 1 interior patio door between mainhouse and sunroom. main house is on raise foundation so there is a 2 steps down to the sunroom. Built onto of concrete aggregate...
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    Water Supply Hammering - PRV

    I'm in CA with copper piping. Every time the clothes washer turns on the pipes rattle. I've already installed the Water Hammer Arrestors at the both hose bibs without any success of stopping the water hammer. I measured the water pressure from a hose bib and it exceeded what is expected...