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    What are these weeds/plants? How to get rid of them? Tired of spraying/digging.

    There are so hard to get rid of. I tried everything from spraying, having someone dig and pour new soil, weed barrier etc but they keep coming back. Last year I had someone remove 5 inches of top soil and replace with new soil, then install weed barrier, and put mulch on top. This year they...
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    GAF Golden Pledge Contractor with only 2 years in business or contractors who are in business longer providing their own warranty?

    I finalized my choices to 3 contractors. One among them stands out as their bid is about 5 to 10% lower (one of the lowest but not the lowest) and is offering GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. This contractor is the owner of the company and started it approx 2 years ago. The two other contractors...
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    What I look for when installing a new roof?

    This is the first time ever that we are needing a roof replacement due to multiple leaks. I had a roofing contractor come out to see if the leaks can be patched but he suggested that we replace the roof as it would cost more to fix multiple leaks and also that the previous owners did a terrible...
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    How much foundation settlement warrants a decision to install piers?

    Some background: We bought a 1967 built home 6 months ago in Seattle area. Recently we noticed a crack in our ceiling in the kitchen. It was pretty small, so we chalked it up to bad construction techniques. Also, it did not seem like a crack caused due to foundation settlement. Pic of the crack...
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    Any idea what might causes these holes in concrete walkway?

    We recently noticed a lot of holes on our concrete walkway. I am pretty sure they were not there a month ago but all of a sudden there are a lot of holes. Any idea what might have caused this? This does not look like ants and I am not sure what treatment would apply here. Any help is...
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    Does my yard need professional care?

    Let me begin by saying that I am a complete noob and I have zero idea about lawn care. I am a new home owner who bought a 1960's house so there are a lot of things I am looking to fix. I have started to watch some youtube videos, but frankly they make it look so easy in their videos. However, if...
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    Is it recommended to connect french drain to downspouts?

    Hello, Our house is at the bottom of the hill so we get a ton of water in our yard during winter season. The previous owners built a badly DIY french drain and just left the drain exit open in the side yard. During heavy rains the side yard floods. We were trying many alternatives to properly...
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    Sudden appearance of crack and some warping on drop down ceiling in Kitchen combined with weird random noises from attic.

    This is a house that was built in 1967. We bought this home in end of 2020. In December of 2020 when we moved in, we had popcorn ceiling removed and replaced some areas of bad sheetrock. We had the whole ceiling repainted. A portion of our kitchen and entry way has drop down ceiling. There were...
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    Grading the yard and installing French Drain. DIY?

    Hello, I am having some drainage issues in my back yard. As of now my crawl space is dry and water is not entering the house yet. I have leaks in my garage that I am trying to address. My yard is excessively soggy, wet, and slippery. There are huge water puddles everywhere. I live in PNW so it...
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    Water leaking through Garage walls and door. Who should I contact to fix this?

    It's been raining heavily for the whole day today and we just saw water leaking through garage door and walls. Should I call a general contractor to fix this type of stuff? Who would be able to diagnose the issue? The leaks through the door can be resolved by replacing the door but what about...