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    How to keep soil from escaping down the slope with rain?

    Hello, Havin't posted for a pretty long while. In my backyard, there is a very steep slope where the soil under the fence has run down with rain water so the ground under the fence has sunk. The fence posts, you can see from the pics attached, are unable to stand streight up. I am a handyman...
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    How to replace the floor of a small bathroom?

    The bathroom floor has something looks like cement under the old tile, please see the attached. After removing the tiles, how much do I have to remove the cement, 1" or 2"? Do I have to use cement again or mortar? Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Is it possible to take apart and clean up stain in a glass sliding door?

    Hello guys, I have a couple of glass sliding doors, one in the family room and the other in the walk-out basement. They are double-pane doors. But the moisture sneaked in between the panes and left stain on the inside of the glass. I can see the rubber seal on the frame is kind of stiff and...
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    How to fix a tub drain with stripped thread?

    Hello folks, Happy New Year! I tried to replace the tub drain in one of my bathrooms since leaking resulted in damage on a part of the first floor ceiling. But as I placed the drain gasket under the tub and re-installed the drain, I stripped the thread of drain pine, which cannot make the...
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    AC fan is on but no cold air coming out

    Hi, I got a old model central AC (brand is York). It's been working fine until a couple days ago. As I turn it on, the noise is not as loud as before. It feels like the blower in my attic is not working. I checked the compressor unit outside the house, the compressor sweats a lot; the...
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    How to repair the loose tiles in my kitchen?

    Hi, I'm new here. The house I bought was built in 1979. The kitchen has a tile floor. But not the regular tile. It has about thousands of small pieces of tiles put together like kids' puzzle board. The spots of high traffic have loose tiles. I bought a bag of Flexbound from Home Depot. As...