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  1. dakuda

    Jumping wires

    I am thinking about a wifi thermostat that needs a C wire. I read about converting my G wire to a C wire and then jumping the G and Y at the furnace. This is supposed to work the fan with the A/C, and since the furnace controls the fan anyway, it shouldn't be a problem. My 2 questions: Is...
  2. dakuda

    New boxwoods

    The boxwoods seem to be doing OK. I have been using a soaker hose. The hydrangea seems to be a problem. It was planted at the same time and the flowers have half closed up and it is dropping. I hope this is just the shock that I have heard about.
  3. dakuda

    New boxwoods

    I just planted 11 boxwoods in the front of my house. How much water do they need to 'set in' to the yard? I live near Chicago, and it hasn't rained in a while - but it looks like it might tonight.
  4. dakuda

    slick spot on laminate floor

    My kitchen fooring is the sheet laminate that you can buy at any big box hardware store. It has been that since before I bought the place. What is weird though is that there is a slick spot to the left of the sink, in the corner of the counter area. If I step there w/o thinking about it, my...
  5. dakuda

    Are You Ready For Some Football???!!!

    I was just at the Bears/Steelers game on Sunday. Pretty good game. :D
  6. dakuda

    This guy is stealing my name

    The emails to him have seem to cut down. I don't know if he took some initiative, after my email and his apparent indifference, or not. I do know that so far, so good. I hope that it continues
  7. dakuda

    Honeywell Tap Lites

    Are you referring to the circular, battery powered push lights, or something else?
  8. dakuda

    Question on the right siding

    Why not vinyl? It should be durable enough to withstand the elements.
  9. dakuda

    can't purchase my windows

    I have never heard of someone tying the install into the purchase of a particular window.
  10. dakuda

    Framing basement

    Are you talking about not having a top plate? I would definitely have a top plate for the wall. I see no problems nailing into the joists for the first floor though. I am not sure that I understand completely what you are asking.
  11. dakuda

    fire/garage doors

    I know that I should scour the codes here, but I think this would be the same in most places. I have a detached garage. I know (I think) that when your garage is attached, you need a fire-rated door between the house and garage. Since mine is detached, I assume that I can replace the door...
  12. dakuda

    landscape edging

    I am slowly starting to landscape the yard. I think this house has had zero landscaping for 50+ years. For now, I have just bought that plastic edging that is really cheap and using that. Other then not looking the best, is there really any other disadvantage to this stuff that I am not...
  13. dakuda

    Whats your profession?

    Professional curmudgeon.
  14. dakuda

    Building a cement driveway

    The forums here are for any questions: big or small.
  15. dakuda

    Looking for sanity re:asbestos

    I ripped up some old tiles in this house that I am now pretty sure had asbestos in them. I am still living, and it was approx 900+ sq ft of tile. I am not saying that this is the best approach, but it is what I did.
  16. dakuda

    For lean-to roof over deck what material dimensions are needed?

    That looks pretty nice. I am going to suggest that to my parents, as they are looking for something on their deck.
  17. dakuda

    Shower head

    I had to take a shower at my brother's house a while ago, and he had one of those big 8" or so shower heads. I was thinking about getting on here. Will that decrease the water pressure that I will get in the shower?
  18. dakuda

    This guy is stealing my name

    That would be shorter to type. Hm....finally a solution I can live with (I posted similarly to several forums for more ideas).
  19. dakuda

    This guy is stealing my name

    I have a very common combination of first and last names. Both are in the top 10 for most common in the US for quite a few years. Anyway, my job hired a new guy who uses my name. His legal first name is completely different and our email addresses are based on legal names. My legal first name...