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    I have what seems to be a thermopile in the back of a NG space heater.The 2 wires run to what seems to be a thermostat to shut off the pilot light if the heater gets too hot. I can't get the pilot light to stay lit. I've bt passed the thermopile and it works. Can I run the heater without it? I...
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    Help w/ Armstrong furnace

    I have an Armstrong Ultra V Tech 80 furnace that won't start. The trouble light flashes a code 3 as the problem. The manual gives a fault description as "pressure switch open with inducer on". What the heck does that mean in english? Sure would appreciate any help I can get. Thx.
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    New to the site

    Hi. I live in northern BC Canada. Have been in home renovation for quite a while. Over the years I have come across some very interesting challenges that had to be overcome. Looking forward to participating. Sometimes however, I get too busy to spend any time on the computer. There are weeks...